Vintage chic is all the rage and will continue to be a popular design choice. The vintage chic style fits so perfectly in the modern home because it has both aged well through time and offers a high aesthetic to the clean lines of modern design. Vintage chic items tend to be higher quality, dating back to when these tougher products were a necessity in everyday life; before mass-production there was a need for consumer products to last longer.

Theflour sack towel is no exception to these qualities and considerations. Takingits roots from both merry old England and Colonial America, it’s a higherquality towel with the vintage appeal of originally being used for high tea. Itis built to last, but can be served and used at the fanciest of events. Toughenough to be used with a lot of elbow grease, but also soft enough to caress ababy’s butt. You won’t be able to find these in your corner store and therearen’t any substitutions for the lint-free 100% cotton weave that can be usedfor anything, from polishing brass to straining yogurt (though hopefully notused in that order). You will keep these around for years with proper care thatincludes an easy machine wash and low tumble dry. Flour sack towels makeexcellent gifts for special events or housewarming parties as they can becustomized with screen-printing or digital printing and can be bought in bulkfor work events or wedding receptions.

Does It Have A History?

England’sobsession with tea culture began in the 17th century, with importedteas quickly growing to be favorite beverages among aristocrats. As afternoontea became a common daily ritual, the monarchy decided to elevate the propertea standards across the country. High tea became a more elegant affair, withfancy food accompanying the drinks and the use of the best china sets for cups.Though a napkin was still necessary, it too needed to be elevated. The bestmaterial to use at the time was a linen cloth, linen being both readily availableand easily customizable with embroidery and monograms. Thus the tea towel wasborn. An elegant substitution for a dirty rag, the tea towel became thestandard for high quality and a marker for one’s place in high society.

Acrossthe pond in the thirteen colonies, merchants selling baking goods to cooks andconsumers had been encasing their baking good wares in barrels, which wereproving difficult to sell. As an alternative, merchants began using sacks forflour and found the tight weave of the tea towel linen was by far the bestmaterial for the job. Similarly to the towels in England, the flour sacks wereembroidered and marked with the flour mill insignias, developing into a type ofcanvas for art and creative work. The flour sack would thrive for nearly 150years and include cotton varieties, only losing its popularity when plasticsreplaced linen and cotton as the main material for bags in the 1940s.

What Are The Uses Of A Flour Sack Towel?

Aflour sack towel’s uses are only limited by your imagination. However papertowels, rags, and cleaning cloths are being used in your home, office, or shoptoday, flour sack towels can be used in the same way. Flour sack towels are anecessary addition to any household purely based on their multi-purposeutility. Here are but a few ways to utilize flour sack towels in your modernenvironment:

  • Cleaning: Wipe down any type of surface with thelint-free cloth
  • Cooking: Clean up after spills including oil,grease, dust, or grime
  • Crafting: The quality of the soft cotton is highenough to be used in any crafting project that requires a little or a lot ofmaterial
  • Serving: You can use them as bread or casseroleblankets or placemats
  • Babies & Toddlers: Carry them around forwiping down dirt from your little ones’ hands and faces
  • Household Chores: Made durable to be usedvigorously on tough areas but soft enough to never leave spots or streaks

What Are Flour Sack Towels Made Of?

Floursack towels today are made of 100% high quality, premium unbleached cotton andcome in a standard size of 27 x 27 inches. There are other colors availableincluding grey, black, red, and blue. The unbleached cotton has a vintage colorlook but also can be order with bleached cotton for a pure white color. Thecotton weave is thicker than most of the other competitors’ products and iscompletely lint-free making any polishing job incredibly easy and simple.

What Other Products Are Available?

Besidestowels, napkins, aprons, and pillowcases are available in the same high-qualitymaterial. For a complete list of all of the sizes and shapes, includingavailability and pricing, check out