Thought leaders are made; they are not born. At their core, they are regular people, living their lives, hoping that they too can make a difference in the world.

It is through hardships and countless challenges they were able to become the person they are today – someone who knows firsthand what it takes to advance in life — inspiring others along the way, and leading by example. Experience differentiates them from the crowd; compassion drives them to lift others that stumble on their path. No stones are left unturned as they use their past to better the future and solidify their purpose.

Earning the title of a thought leader through her numerous accomplishments and work in the mental health community, Fatima Alexander’s story is nothing short of incredible.

Fatima Alexander: A Mother Triumphing Over Adversity

“After walking away from an abusive relationship, I became a single mother to my two boys, Christopher and Justin,” recalls Fatima. “Though we did the best we could as a family, I was also suffering with depression. But in 2009, my life shifted when my mother died, and then I lost my niece to brain cancer months later in June 2010. As if that wasn’t enough to bear, my eldest son Christopher was diagnosed with leukemia shortly afterward.”  

Fighting to keep her family together, she was near her breaking point when she found her solace. Word after word, she found clarity through writing and was able to reflect on her life, turning her struggles into her greatest strength.

Mental Health Advocacy: Fatima Alexander’s Books and Lifestyle Magazine

Now a published author of the books The Art of Silence, The Faith of Hannah, and Finding My Way Back To Me, she is also launching a lifestyle magazine to share impactful articles and provide the resources needed to anyone struggling with mental health.

“Personally, I disconnected from my pain in order to be able to deal with the reality which was my life. While one son looked at me for answers that I didn’t have, the other sunk so deep into depression – as a single mother, I struggled to find the tools to bring him out of it. They’re 31 and 20 now, but ten years ago, I wasn’t sure if life would ever bring us to the place that we are living at now,” she adds.

What’s Next For Fatima Alexander?

Showing that struggle and success go hand-in-hand, Fatima is now able to spread her wisdom because of what she went through. Without those uncertain times, she would not be where she is today, able to give a helping hand to others who need it most.

If destiny is real, hers is to continue the amazing work she is currently doing.

To help Fatima Alexander spread her cause, and keep up with the launch of her online magazine, GainLoveLife Worldwide LLC, visit

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