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Narcissistic abuse, a profound and pervasive form of emotional manipulation typically rooted in family dynamics, affects millions worldwide. According to the National Institute of Health, approximately 6 percent of the population suffers from narcissistic personality disorder, impacting countless family members, especially children. The victims often face long-term psychological consequences, including depression, anxiety, and complex PTSD.

Tisha Morrison's childhood in Cleveland, Ohio, encapsulates a harrowing narrative marked by these struggles. Raised by a mother with narcissistic personality traits and a toxic relationship cycle with her stepfather, who abused drugs and alcohol, her formative years were steeped in turmoil and emotional instability. This environment, characterized by intense manipulation and psychological control, left deep scars but also planted the seeds of resilience and transformation.

Who Is Tisha Morrison, Founder Of EmpowerHer Transformation?

In a recent interview, we spoke with Tisha Morrison, founder of EmpowerHer Transformation Inc., a nonprofit dedicated to mental health awareness for underserved women. Tisha shares her insights on narcissistic abuse and how her organization is making a difference for women around the world who are suffering from similar experiences.

Tisha Morrison Of EmpowerHer Transformation On Narcissistic Abuse And Creating Mental Health And Healing Resources

CYNTHIA UDUCHUKWU: Narcissistic abuse is a pervasive issue, yet it's often misunderstood. What do you think are the biggest misconceptions about narcissistic abuse, and how does EmpowerHer address them?

TISHA MORRISON: The biggest misconception about healing from narcissistic abuse is what it truly takes to overcome the deep psychological conditioning that occurs. Many people believe that simply leaving the abusive relationship is enough when in reality, the work of healing is much more extensive and multifaceted.

At EmpowerHer Transformation Inc., we believe that true healing from narcissistic abuse must address the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual dimensions of the trauma. It's not enough to just remove oneself from the toxic dynamic - the insidious effects of narcissistic abuse can linger and keep people trapped in unhealthy patterns and beliefs.

That's why EmpowerHer offers a range of holistic practices, tools, and techniques to help survivors break free. Through modalities like therapy, mindfulness, somatic work, Reiki, sound baths, crystal healing, group sessions, and spiritual exploration, we guide people in unraveling the complex web of shame, codependency, and negative self-perception that narcissistic abuse creates.

Narcissistic abuse is a pervasive and deeply damaging form of trauma, but it is not an inescapable fate. With the proper support and a dedicated commitment to comprehensive healing, survivors can reclaim their power, rebuild their self-worth, and end the toxic relationship cycles for good. EmpowerHer is committed to dispelling the misconceptions and providing the resources needed for true, lasting transformation.

Can you discuss the services EmpowerHer offers and how you ensure no conflict of interest?

EmpowerHer Transformation Inc. offers a comprehensive suite of services and resources to support survivors of narcissistic abuse or any toxic relationship pattern in their healing journey. The organization takes a holistic approach, recognizing that true transformation requires addressing emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual dimensions.

Some of the key services EmpowerHer provides include:

  • Psychic Insight Sessions: Providing intuitive guidance and energetic insights to help clients gain clarity and cultivate self-awareness.
  • Mentoring and Therapy: One-on-one support from experienced practitioners, including licensed therapists and licensed life coaches, to facilitate deep personal growth.
  • Healing Sessions: Modalities like Reiki, sound healing, and breathwork can be used to release trapped emotions and restore balance.
  • EmpowerHer Academy: An online educational platform that will launch in July 2024, offering courses, workshops, and tools for holistic healing.
  • Free Assessments and Workshops: Complimentary resources to help identify needs and provide accessible pathways to support.

Importantly, EmpowerHer ensures no conflict of interest in the services provided. The organization's CEO, Tisha Morrison, is donating 100 percent of her fees from paid services directly back into EmpowerHer. This allows the nonprofit to expand its free offerings and resources, ensuring accessibility for all who need support, regardless of financial means.

By combining professional expertise with a deep commitment to service, EmpowerHer offers a unique blend of transformative healing modalities. The organization's holistic approach empowers survivors to not only break free from the cycles of narcissistic abuse but also emerge stronger, more self-aware, and better equipped to create healthy, fulfilling lives.

Some might criticize using practices like Vedic Astrology and Tarot as lacking scientific backing. How do you respond to concerns about the validity of some of EmpowerHer's holistic approaches?

Some may have concerns about the scientific validity of certain holistic practices offered by EmpowerHer, such as Vedic astrology, Reiki, Tarot, and psychic insight. As a Christian or someone from a different religious/spiritual background, it's understandable to feel hesitant about modalities that may not align with your beliefs.

At EmpowerHer, we recognize that everyone's healing journey is deeply personal and that different approaches will resonate with others. While some of our offerings may not have extensive empirical research behind them, we've found that they can be incredibly powerful and transformative for many of our clients. We have also seen the results of women who went from the toxic relationship of non-committal cycles to marrying the love of their lives.

Our practices, such as intuitive guidance, energy work, and spiritual exploration, are rooted in ancient wisdom traditions that have helped people find healing and meaning for centuries. For some, these modalities provide a sense of connection, purpose, and inner wisdom that more conventional methods may lack.

Ultimately, the most important thing is that our clients feel safe, supported, and empowered to explore what works best for them. We don't expect everyone to fully embrace every practice we offer. Still, we hope people will approach them with an open mind and a willingness to see how they might complement their existing beliefs and spiritual practices. We are a nonprofit for every woman, regardless of their religious or spiritual beliefs. We approach every woman's healing needs uniquely, with the understanding that healing is a custom journey for the individual.

Our goal is to walk alongside you, not to impose any beliefs or practices, but to help you find the path that leads to your greatest wholeness and freedom. We have a Board of Directors with a diverse religious or spiritual background to have a voice for every woman.

We understand you have virtual services, but how do you plan to expand your in-person support services?

I'm so glad you brought up the importance of in-person support services. At EmpowerHer, we firmly believe that coming together in person is a crucial part of the recovery process from toxic relationship abuse; we have a client who stated that her hardest days to face while going through a divorce are Saturday and Sunday. Every woman deserves to have support outside of their family and friends where they feel a sense of peace and sisterhood.

While our virtual offerings provide valuable resources and support, something exceptional happens when women gather in a safe, nurturing space to heal together. Sometimes, we just need that human connection, that trusted hand to hold as we navigate the ups and downs of our journey.

That's why a key part of EmpowerHer's expansion plans is to grow our in-person programming and services. We are creating physical spaces at 6208 Creft Cir Ste 231, Lake Park, NC, a dedicated healing center for community events where women can participate in group sessions, workshops, and immersive healing retreats.

In your view, what are the biggest systemic barriers to mental health care for women, and how does EmpowerHer work to overcome these barriers on a larger scale beyond individual support?

Some of the biggest systemic barriers that EmpowerHer Inc. is helping overcome are the following challenges women face in accessing quality, affordable mental health support, which go far beyond just individual circumstances:

  • Lack of Insurance Coverage and Affordability: Mental health services are often not adequately covered by insurance, leaving women to shoulder high out-of-pocket costs that are simply unaffordable, especially for those in lower socioeconomic groups. So EmpowerHer Inc. provides free resources and affordable healing sessions.
  • Shortage of Specialized Providers: There is a significant shortage of mental health professionals and an even greater scarcity of those who specialize in issues like trauma, abuse, and women's mental health needs, like emotional well-being.
  • Stigma and Lack of Education: The persistent social stigma around mental health and holistic practices, especially for women, creates barriers to seeking support. Many women also lack access to education and resources to understand their own mental health needs.
  • Intersectional Discrimination: Women of color, LGBTQ+ individuals, and other marginalized groups face compounded challenges in accessing culturally competent care that meets their unique needs.

At EmpowerHer, we're committed to tackling these systemic barriers head-on through individual support, larger-scale advocacy, and community-based initiatives.

One way we're working to create systemic change is to launch a public awareness campaign to destigmatize mental health and empower women to prioritize their emotional well-being. Ultimately, our goal is to create a world where all women have equitable access to the comprehensive, compassionate mental health support they deserve. By tackling the root causes of these systemic barriers, we believe we can make lasting, transformative change - not just for the individuals we serve but for women everywhere.

What upcoming events and resources can we look forward to from EmpowerHer?

We are thrilled to announce several exciting upcoming initiatives. On June 22, we will be launching our book, From Hurt to Heales, which provides in-depth insights and practical guidance on overcoming narcissistic abuse. Following this, on June 29, we will launch the EmpowerHer Academy, offering free resources to support survivors in their healing journey. Additionally, we are excited to introduce EmpowerHer University, an advanced platform for in-depth learning and personal growth. These initiatives aim to provide comprehensive support and education to help survivors reclaim their lives and build a healthier future.

What are EmpowerHer's long-term goals, and how do you plan to achieve them?

EmpowerHer has ambitious and impactful long-term goals to transform the landscape of mental health and healing support for women. I'm inspired by your vision to create a nationwide network of community-based facilities that provide both traditional and holistic care.

Our long-term strategy is to:

  • Expand Geographically: We will start in the Charlotte, NC, community and strategically grow our footprint nationwide through new community facilities.
  • Build a Diverse, Specialized Team: Hire a blend of licensed therapists and holistic practitioners deeply aligned with EmpowerHer's mission and vision.
  • Increase Access to Free Resources: We will continue to grow our suite of free assessments, workshops, and other support services to make healing accessible to all.
  • Demonstrate Tangible Impact: Track and share our program's powerful results and transformations.

The foundation builds trust and credibility within our communities to achieve these goals. This means consistently delivering high-quality, life-changing support and letting our work speak for itself through word-of-mouth referrals and client testimonials.

Simultaneously, a key focus will be securing funding to scale our free resources and expand our physical footprint. This could involve a multi-pronged fundraising strategy - from individual donors and corporate sponsors to government grants and community partnerships.

As EmpowerHer grows, our ability to showcase the measurable impact of our programs will be crucial in attracting continued support and investment. Robust data collection, outcome tracking, and storytelling will be essential to demonstrate the profound, systemic change we're creating.

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