As we celebrate Father's Day today, we want to take a moment to honor the fathers and father figures who have been instrumental in the shaping of the cannabis industry. From growers and entrepreneurs, to activists and advocates, these dads have done for the cannabis industry what dads do best: protect, teach, encourage, and lead us from a counterculture movement to a multi-billion dollar legal market.

We would love to hear your stories about the intersection of fatherhood and cannabis. Share yours and tell us about your favorite "canna dads" by reaching out to us @honeysucklemagazine on Instagram.

Wei Hu

Founder & Partner, MRTA Law; Co-founder, Lenox Hill Cannabis Co.


Matt Greenberg

 Co-Founder, Platform Cannabis Advisors

Jason Salmon

CEO, Upstream Strategies


Christopher Lucien

Co-Founder and COO, Bliss + Lex


Jesse Roberson

Director of Procurement and Operations, Housing Works Cannabis Co.



Co-Founder and CEO, Cookies



Ted Lidie

Founder of Alien Labs and Creative Director of Connected Cannabis Co.



Caleb Counts

CEO & Co-Founder, Connected Cannabis Co.


Aram Darmijian and Serge Darmijian

Founder, Gas No Brakes and Founder, Serge Cannabis respectively



Josh Schmidt

Vice President of Business and Development, Natura Life + Science / Sluggers; Founder, Dee Thai





Christopher Louie

CEO & Co-Founder, Made in Xiaolin



Khari Edwards

Head of Corporate & Social Responsibility, AYR Wellness


Roland Conner

Founder, Smacked Village


Mack Hueber

President of Ayrloom / Gen V Labs & CFO of Beak & Skiff


Sohan Bashar

Founder & CEO, Silk Road NYC

Bryan Barash

Vice President, External Affairs and Deputy General Counsel at Dutchie


Paul Lepore

President of Happy Days


Joseph Abramov

Owner of Urban Leaf


Jordan Isenstadt

Senior Vice President, Marino PR



Vladimir Bautista

Co-founder and CEO, Happy Munkey




Ramon Reyes

Co-founder and CCO, Happy Munkey



Jose Rozay

Brand Representative, Happy Munkey




Carmelo Anthony

Co-founder and Chief Influence Officer, Grand National

(C) Emiliano Granado


Paul Yau

CEO and Co-founder, The Travel Agency


Jesse Tolz

VP of Marketing, The Travel Agency

Stu Zakim

Founder, Bridge Strategic Communications


David Feldman




Jeremy Rivera

Co-founder and President, TerpBros


Jayson Tantalo

Co-founder, Flower City Dispensary; Co-founder, New York Cannabis Retail Association




Coss Marte

Founder, CONBUD; Co-founder, New York Cannabis Retail Association



"Hawaii" Mike Salman

Founder, Chef For Higher And Fly Private Social




David Zelinger

Partner, Canis Major Partners; Partner, KLIK



Darryl Impalli

Founder, Don’t Forget The Daddy; Head of Sales and Business Development, Canis Major Partners



Richard Montero and Anthony Rivera

Co-owners of SeshNYC


Joseph Bondy

Founding Principal, The Law Offices of Joseph A. Bondy; Vice Chair, Board of Directors, NORML



Steven Phan

Co-founder, Lettuce Print



Gregory Gray Sr., Omar Tejada, and Jeffrey Lopez

Co-founders, Gotham Buds


Damien Cornwell

Founder, Just Breathe


Mike Flynn

Founder, FlynnStoned



Prince Franco

Customer Service & Marketing Specialist, Housing Works Cannabis Co


Emanuel "Shag" Santiago

Founder, Shag Snacks



Arian Walker (Tech King)

Founder, Walker Studio; Talent Manager, Tech's Talent Agency; Board Member, NYC NORML





Dr. Midtown

Founder, Dr. Midtown


Arnold Malek Sapp

Artist, Producer, Writer, Engineer


Raymond Soto

Owner, Fly Guy Edibles and Fly Guyz Bakery


Piff Breeder

Founder, Piff Coast Farms


Corey “OG” Dishmen

Co-founder and CEO, The Library



Josh Tepperberg

Founder, The Mediblist; Executive Director, UNLOC



Roco The Funny Man



Natural Wunder

Genetics Curation, Saavi; Cannabis Photojournalist




Creator, Are We High Yet Show


Mister Nice Guy

Founder, Mister Nice Guy Strains


Richard Delisi

Co-Founder, Delisioso



Rick Delisi

Co-Founder, Delisioso



Artist, Dead Prez; Founder, Urban Aroma; Board Member, Last Prisoner Project






Artist, Dead Prez; Board Member, UNLOC




Nick Bryan

Founder, Golden State Banana



Featured image: Left to right: Carmelo Anthony of Grand National, Ted Lidie of Alien Labs, Vladimir Bautista of Happy Munkey