By: James Clark

On Emily Wells and her new Album Promise

Photo Credit: Shervin Lainez

It was nearly winter, the night was cold, I decided to stop at a bar after work with my new friend Dorthee. Not a typical activity for me. Dorthee was French. Something about her accent combined with the exotic names of the cocktails at Greenpoint’s ‘The Manhattan Inn’ took me to faraway places: ‘Sazerac,’ ‘Dark and Stormy, ‘ I settled on the ‘Coat Czech.’The low lights and warm interior of the custom woods provided a warm refuge from the darkening shadowed skies. I took a drink; the flavors were sweet, as I relaxed into the moment.Suddenly I heard these sounds – otherworldly. Long, sweet, languid. I walked over to see Emily Wells playing with Lorna Dune, as part of a female music collective through The Hum Series. It was transfixing.It seems Emily’s personality is just as mesmerizing as her music, as my editor who interviewed her at the Neuehouse just said, “she was one of the kindest most warm hearted spirits I had ever met.”Indeed, that night we were treated to another succulent performance and will be again at her album release party for Promise at the Bowery Ballroom, February 4. We suggest that you be there too, if you know what’s good. ~ Ronit

For Emily Wells the word curious is a suitable definition; In fact, it’s the one word she used to describe herself.It’s evident.In her latest album Promise, released yesterday, Wells devotes to her listeners a type of honesty about a 2-year journey of self-learning. She said she wanted to be open when creating this album, and discover different sources to influence her music.“I became interested in a lot of nonfiction. I was thinking a lot about the planet. I went to China, and that upped the ante,” said Wells. “I just became curious, and almost obsessive about the world.”While making the album she had to postpone touring and devote herself to recording and making music. She said that was hard to do because touring is her source of revenue.“When I was making this album the days seemed to become endless,” she said. “But, I got to watch it grow and develop, and the outcome was beautiful.”In the album you notice her sense of repetition. She said that was intentional, and allowed a type of hypnosis that provides a soothing sound to listener’s ears.“I made the record, then I threw a lot of it out. It wasn’t good enough,” said Wells. “It was like getting a car with velvet upholstery, but with a terrible stereo system.”It turns out Wells is hard on herself when it comes to her music, to the point she called it brutal.Though she may be her own worst critic, Wells is surrounded by a support system unlike any other. She even is accompanied by her dog, Olympia, to the studio.It’s no surprise that Wells has the support she does. Her warm and gracious personality was met with a cheerful smile and a drive for art. It’s hard not to like her, and it’s especially difficult not to be intrigued by her music.As for the future, rest assure Wellonians because this musical curator says, “I know exactly what I am doing for my next album.”For tour dates and info visit.“Don’t Use Me Up”

“You Dream of China”