In preparation for attending the virtual Cannabis Expo, I began by signing up and making my avatar, an experience I am very familiar with from childhood games such as the sims. Then, I entered the room. I heard my computer fan start to run; the technology this event was using was fairly intensive. I dressed my character, changed her hair,, and got her all ready for the day.  I attended an amazing expo packed with panels, booths, and fun, all from the comfort of my bed. 

Alternative Cannabis Consumption Panel

Many of us indulge in the lovely pot brownie, weed cookie, or cannabis-infused gummy. However,  much of our exposure to this is an at-home DIY trying to make an edible hoping it will turn outright. 

One of the panels at the  Emerge Cannabis Expo was about wellness and the consumption of edibles. There was a major focus on the growth of edibles within the cannabis industry and how consumers are changing their consumption of cannabis. 

The panel about the edible industry was moderated by Todd Rosales. It featured John Houston, CEO of Kushla Life Sciences, Katherine Golden, the CEO of Leaf411, Keith Woelfelm, the director of research and development for Caliper Foods and Scott Jennings, the CEO and founder of Pantry Food Co.

The Importance Of Understanding Dosage

This discussion exposed just how unregulated cannabis edibles can be. In most cases, since weed is not legal, consumption entails people at home trying to make their own edibles, which do not allow them to dose correctly. Some treats can easily be stronger than others, making it a confusing experience. You go to eat a brownie, and nothing happens, so you eat another, only to have an unpleasant experience. 

The experts took some time to focus on how confusing dosing can be with an edible. 

The panel emphasized that with new and improved companies and technologies, they can ensure that dosing with their products becomes easier. 

When edibles are sold through a company, the company must test each product to ensure the dosage. Not only is this helpful, but it also provides a familiarity, but an experience people are also familiar with, such as managing dosage through an over the counter prescription for pain or sickness. For example, the panel brought up the fact that gummies are the perfect introduction to dosing edibles for medical use. Katherine Golden, the CEO of Leaf411, is an amazing service where people can call the number and speak to a nurse about dosing cannabis. She spoke about how easy it is to dose gummies. She often finds herself telling her clients/patients that they can cut up a gummy to change the dosage. 

The Transition of Edibles

Another major focus of the panel is the change in the conversation around edibles. Cannabis usage itself is no longer just associated with the “stoner” image.  Marijuana has changed its branding and is now very much associated with medical usage. A large number of people tend to use cannabis for sleep and anxiety-related issues, but many also find it beneficial for working out. Panelists emphasized how important it is to use cannabis after a workout to help with fatigue and pain.

Education is still essential with cannabis users, especially because different strains benefit different things. Some are better for anxiety and mental health, while others are perfect for joint pain and other psychical pain. When using cannabis, one must become educated on the different cannabinoids. 

While the legal cannabis industry is still growing, the lack of regulations is an issue. . Ingredient transparency is a massive problem within the industry because companies are not forced to list all their ingredients or disclose the sourcing of their ingredients. . Looking for reputable brands that are transparent with their processes, ingredients, and sources is the best way to find the ideal product for you.