As we embark on a new year many are making significant lifestyle changes. Veganism has been growing in popularity for its benefits to both the environment and health. As ethics becomes a major concern for many consumers, sustainable, vegan brands such as “Don’t Eat the Homies” are combining fashion with a powerful message. 

With a comfy feel, hip look, and socially conscious creation, this streetwear brand is unbeatable fashion. 

Honeysuckle sat down with Jordyn, the founder to chat passion, veganism, and her journey. 

An Interview With Don’t Eat The Homies

How did this brand come about?

I started this brand in 2018; I made about 10 hoodies with

 the original logo on a random print to order website. Initially, I had no intention of starting a clothing brand. I wanted to make the hoodies for myself and my friend and spread a message I am passionate about. 

A friend of mine took a few photos of me wearing it and I started posting on Instagram. I got a lot of positive feedback. Slowly, more people wanted to buy hoodies from me. Gradually, I’ve expanded the clothing line; I now have a small team working to make “Don’t Eat the Homies” the largest vegan streetwear brand out there. 

What is the significance behind the message of veganism? 

Our mission is to change the stereotype of veganism. It’s cool to be compassionate and aware. It’s also important to plant the seeds for non-vegans and get them to start thinking. 

A lot of people don’t want to make the connection between their burger and the cruelty involved in making it. Most people do not want to contribute to animal abuse. So, the more people are exposed to the truth and the message of veganism, the faster they will wake up and make a change. 

How do you see the brand evolving and expanding? 

The brand is really starting to take off. It’s an extremely exciting time for us. We are creating and releasing new designs and looking at partnerships that will most benefit the DETH movement. We’re also looking for new organizations and activists to donate to in 2021. 

This year is about raising awareness for us. As much as we love donating to sanctuaries, which we still will, we are most interested in influencing people to try veganism and stop contributing to animal suffering. 

Are the materials for the clothes ethically sourced?

We’re working to transition all of the products to 100% organic/recycled materials. Most of our products are now, but it is a process and much more difficult to source some things. It is a top priority for us and we’re really excited to be able to do it. By the end of 2021, we expect all of our products will be 100% recycled and organic.