Detroit Songbird Marissa Guzman

Photo Doug Wojciechowski

Marissa Guzman is a singer/songwriter, Detroit native, whose father was the percussionist in Rare Earth. Motown is in her veins.  Coming full circle to meet her musical destiny in 2009, when she quit her high-paying job in advertising to pursue full-time music.

Under the advise of legendary techno musician/producer, Derrick May, she started her own record label Juicy Lucy.  She’s since toured the world with long-term stints in San Francisco and South Africa, where she has a significant following.

Come hear what this songbird has to say.

Detroit-based singer/songwriter Marissa Guzman and her record label, Juicy Lucy. from Honeysuckle Magazine on Vimeo.

Check out the music video we did for Marissa’s song “Getting Hot” at Movement Detroit, 2015.

Getting Hot by: Erefaan Pearce featuring Pearl Diver from Honeysuckle Magazine on Vimeo.

Twitter @MarissaGuzman

Marissa is also the founder of Art Beat: a platform that empowers artists by giving them an opportunity to sell their art or perform their music while encouraging them to keep creating.

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