We spoke with female entrepreneur Dee Poku about a great number of things.We started with her beginnings in the predominantly male corporate world and how those experiences led her to form The WIE Network (Women Inspiration and Enterprise,) a New York based company providing services and connections for women in the workplace.  She spoke with us about sexuality and some of the challenges high-level business women face in juggling busy schedules, children and careers. We spoke about sexism and the origins of.  And most importantly she told us about her very exciting upcoming festival, ‘The Other Festival.’  A one-day all female summer line-up showcasing all kinds of wonderful women in business, music and the arts.Here’s what Dee had to say.  Join us June 11 for The Other Fest!Tickets found here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-other-festival-tickets-22464514969 other-festival-line-up-grungecake-thumbnail wie_logo1464733201534