Dear Rebel,I’d like to know if my recent promotion was a good career move for me. I am in the same field, Victims Rights Advocacy, but the new position is much more stressful than my old one. I loved my old job. Did I make the right choice?Brightest Blessings, Hassled Helper Dear Hassled,Even when promotions are right for someone, even when they represent achievements to be celebrated, moving up the career ladder can be stressful. You’re making the adjustment from an old job to a new one, and it won’t all be easy. We often feel like positive life changes—marriage, promotions, increased income, childbirth—should only bring light, happy feelings. But the reality is that change usually walks in the door bearing a confusing assortment of emotions for you to sift through. Know that you don’t have to feel guilty about the stress your promotion is causing you.Your chart shows that you’re a natural helper. As a Pisces with the Wounded Healer Chiron conjunct your sun, you’re extraordinarily sensitive to the pain of others; I wouldn’t be surprised if you identify as an Empath. Any wounds that you carry from your past can be transformed from poison to medicine, as you use your experiences to heal others. You have a Kite formation in your natal chart that reveals an innate talent for emotional work, and a clear direction towards a healing career. You are truly invested in your vocation.So why do you feel uncertain right now? For one thing, Neptune is transiting your Pisces midheaven. The transit was exact in February and March, and will be exact again in October. But Neptune will be in Pisces for years, not officially moving into Aries until January 2026. With your Mercury, Midheaven, Sun, and Chiron in Pisces, plus key planets in mutable and water signs, this transit represents a slow, complete transformation for you. Neptune represents delusion and confusion, but also higher spirituality, healing, and imagination. Neptune transiting your Midheaven right now is about the larger vision. The ruler of Pisces is not concerned with the details of your promotion and job description, but with the Big Picture. What’s the dream? Spend time imagining how you want to feel in your vocation. What direction would you take in life if you believed you could have anything you wanted? Imagine how you’ll feel when you have that life. Use this time to slow down, go inward, and access your intuition. You are the person who knows your own path best.This may seem like the exact opposite of promotion advice—how can you slow down and go inward when you’re expected to be out in the world, mastering the tasks of your new job? You will have to protect your energy while you practice using your intuition. As a natural giver, you need to develop healthy boundaries. If you don’t replenish yourself often, you won’t have enough to give others. Make some daily time right now for reflection. You have a unique opportunity to envision your life into being, and it requires you to develop clear inner sight so that you can see your path through Neptune’s fog. You will have to separate the voice of your intuition from the voice of your fear. You may find that your path involves continuing your current work, or moving in a new direction. At some point you may need to let go and trust that things will work out. As long as the voice you’re listening to is your own and nobody else’s, you’ll know you’re following your dreams.In Trust,RebelTo answer your life questions email with details of birth place and time!