If you like stuffing cones as your go-to ritual, you’re probably a fan of DaySavers. The brand has established themselves as one of the most compliant and reliable rolling papers on the market, best known for their pre-rolled cones and tubes. 

Their goal? To enhance every smoker’s sesh through education and science.

What Is DaySavers' Ultimate Stoner Dream Job?

Now, Custom Cones USA, the leading manufacturer of pre-rolled cones, has announced a super exciting new campaign with DaySavers: offering the Ultimate Stoner Dream Job. You heard it, they are giving one lucky winner an opportunity to smoke test their latest cannabis products and be a part of cannabis industry events — all while getting paid a full-time salary.

DaySavers is currently looking for passionate and motivated content creators to add to the team. The job position pays $70,420 annually, with added bonuses, travel expenses, as well as other perks. Submissions are now open and applicants can apply at https://daysavers.com/ultimate-stoner-dream-job/. 

Harrison Bard, co-founder and CEO of DaySavers, imagines the Ultimate Stoner Dream Job (C) DaySavers

DaySavers Co-Founder And CEO Harrison Bard On The Search For The Ultimate Stoner

Honeysuckle spoke with Harrison Bard, co-founder and CEO of DaySavers, to discuss the exciting new campaign.

SHIRLEY JU: What's special about DaySavers and where does the name come from?

HARRISON BARD: We started DaySavers to bring the high level of testing seen in the cannabis industry to consumer smoking accessories. Through our B2B experience at Custom Cones USA, we became the strictest and most compliant pre-rolled cone company and we realized this level of testing and transparency was non-existent on consumer smoking products. Cannabis is regulated on a state level and tobacco is regulated by the FDA, but the smoking accessories like papers, blunt wraps, and natural leaf products like rose cones and palm leaf blunts were not being tested at all and often contain heavy metals, pesticides, and even microbials. 

We've taken our deep expertise in pre-rolls and have created new and innovative products like flavored wooded tips, pre-rolled cross cones, and special glassed tipped pre-rolls. DaySavers is also cultivating an expert panel of industry experts to test and approve all future products, so consumers can rest assured our products are of the highest quality.  

How did the idea for the Ultimate Stoner Dream Job come about?

We are a small business, so as we worked on launching DaySavers, Fill-a Blunts, and Smoke Temple, we quickly realized we needed more marketing and social media help. We create a lot of content in house, but need more and more help, so we joked [that] hiring someone just focusing on content is a total dream job. The rest of the company works in-office in Seattle, but as we thought about looking for more creative help, we were open to reaching out across the country for this Ultimate Stoner Dream Job. 

$70,420 a year is a lot! Where did this number come from?

The exact amount is $70,420 - the 420 was just for fun, but the $70K came from this being a serious job. A lot of people assume the job is to just smoke weed, but it's a serious creative role, so we wanted the compensation to reflect that and be competitive. The ideal candidate is someone who has social media management experience, content creation experience, and is deeply passionate about the cannabis industry. 

How important are initiatives like DaySavers’ Ultimate Stoner Dream Job for the cannabis industry?

The testing and transparency DaySavers is bringing to the cannabis industry is greatly needed. Many of the large rolling paper brands are actually owned by tobacco companies and there are a ton of marketing gimmicks and unsafe smoking products out there. Products like palm leaf blunts are often viewed as a safer blunt alternative to tobacco wraps, but the scary truth is these often contain heavy metals, pesticides, and microbials. Consumers are buying cannabis trusting it has honest labeling and is being tested and now we are bringing that to the smoking accessories category with all DaySavers products. 

How is the applicant selected?

We've gotten tens of thousands of applicants, so it's going to be a long and hard process! We will be reviewing the applications in multiple rounds and might even turn to the community for help. We did not expect such a large response, so I'm thinking of ways we can get the community to help vote for the most qualified candidates and narrow down the selection process. Applications are open through 4/20, so we have some time to figure it!

What else are you excited for at DaySavers?

At DaySavers, we are always innovating for the perfect smoking experience! We have new flavored wooden tipped pre-rolls and blunts, which everyone who has tried them absolutely loves! Most other smoking accessories claim to be flavored, but they are really just scented. Our wooden tips are infused with flavor that you'll taste on your lips after a single puff! 

We are also super excited about our 40 Tons Cones for a Cause edition pre-rolled cone pack. We have an LGBTQIA+ Cones for a Cause packs, which feature a rainbow filter tip and 10 percent of profits go to the Drag Defense Fund, as well as a USA flag tipped cone pack, which benefits cannabis-veterans charity. The 40 Tons edition will benefit the 40 Tons Foundation and those will be out within the next month or so!

Submissions for DaySavers' Ultimate Stoner Dream Job are open until April 20, 2024. Click here to apply. For more about DaySavers, visit daysavers.com.


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