‪Chakrubs (chak-rubs): exactly what they say they are. Erotic rubbing for your chakras. Let’s see, it would be your root (traditionally red) and your sacral (orange.) But according to founder Vanessa Cuccia, they provide pleasure for all over – your body, mind and spirit. She sat down with us to explain more about these sacred sex toys. ‬

HS:  What are chakrubs?

Ch: ‪Chakrubs are sexual and emotional wellness items made from crystal for use in intimate massage and meditation. They come from the mother stone, a large crystal rock is sourced and hand-carved and polished in our lapidaries. ‬‬

HS:  Where did the idea for chakrubs come from?

CH: When I was a little girl, my father would take my sisters and me to the bluffs of Long Island. There he'd pluck seemingly ordinary rocks out of the sand and crack them open to reveal beautiful, crystalline structures within. This uncovering of the beautiful and the magical inside, beneath, and behind the mundane is a principle I still try to live by. ‬But crystals are more than just aesthetically pleasing (although that in and of itself would be sufficient reason to surround oneself with them). I've become more sensitive, which in turn can be sensed by others.

Children sometimes approach me and spontaneously hug me on the street. As a musician, I believe my work with crystals has enabled me to better feed off the energy of the music, of my fellow musicians, and of the audience when I perform. Simply put, crystals are a reminder - and an embodiment - of the wonder that exists in the world. ‬‪I was working in a sex toy shop in LA called The Pleasure Chest. I had taken the job because I had some personal hangups when it came to sex, and I thought being in a sex positive environment might help me to overcome them. It worked. ‬Naturally I wanted to take advantage of my employee discount, but I found that none of the products we sold really appealed to me. At the time I happened to be hosting a young spiritualist in my apartment.

It was from him that I first learned about the metaphysical properties of crystals. One day I accompanied him on a visit to the home of a woman who had a large collection, and when she produced a particularly beautiful crystal wand, and I saw it’s phallic shape, something just clicked. ‬

HS:  What are some of the most important aspects about self love & masturbation for you?‬

CH:  I am grateful for having been given life. I believe to show my gratitude, I must take pleasure in ways that show appreciation for having a body. Body, mind, spirit connects to reach higher states of pleasure. Masturbation is a normal part of life. Sexual desire is normal. Instead of quickly getting off, I believe every moment of arousal can be amplified into an all-encompassing reminder of the beauty of life, and turn us on. ‬‬

HS: What's next?

CH: From the beginning I've felt that Chakrubs is it's own being, and I am only allowing it to become what it wants to become. I have many ideas of what I would like to see happen with the business from new products to events to books. It is very exciting to think of all the possibilities.

HS:  You seem like sensitive lass. How do you go about finding sexual partners and what is your advise to other sensitive souls?

CH:  My advice is for finding a good partner is to perceive everyone as a teacher and a student of love. ‬Ever since I began Chakrubs I've found I've had the most wonderful partners because I have found a true place of self-love within myself. I feel being as sincere as possible is so important in developing meaningful relationships.

Be on a path, get your priorities straight, and always come back to that centered place inside yourself where you have trust in the self, and in god (or that which you call source). I believe we are all in this together, we all want love, we only have to remind each other of this and help each other develop as people. We are on a team, we are creating a network. ‬

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