The Cannabis Media Council, a leading trade association that harnesses the power of advertising to foster mainstream awareness of cannabis, has announced its 2024 update to the "Full Spectrum: Guidelines for Responsible Use." Originally launched in 2023, these guidelines have set a new industry standard for cannabis advertising and marketing practices. Developed by seasoned marketing and advertising experts within the cannabis sector, the guidelines have been widely embraced by cannabis brands nationwide, serving as a crucial reference for crafting responsible advertising campaigns across various platforms now open to cannabis advertisements.

What Is The Cannabis Media Council?

Created as a first-of-its-kind trade association, the Cannabis Media Council operates with a mission to deprogram the war on plants and the people who love them. Founded by industry pioneers across the nation and representing over 400 members, the organization leverages media and advertising to present uplifting, human-focused campaigns that center on positive experiences around cannabis. 

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Cannabis Media Council's Updates To 2024 Advertising Guidelines

The Council’s 2024 Guidelines build on the foundation laid by the original document, addressing significant industry developments such as the rescheduling of cannabis and the proliferation of hemp-derived products. These updates offer specific instructions on the compliant advertising of hemp-derived products on major social media platforms like the Meta properties including Facebook and Instagram. The guidelines emphasize the importance of responsible advertising through the Cannabis Media Council’s seven core pillars, ensuring that cannabis brands can effectively and ethically reach their audiences.

“Our guidelines are already an industry resource and we hope their impact is expanded as more cannabis brands explore the power of advertising,” stated Amy Deneson, co-founder of the Cannabis Media Council. “The most important thing to remember is that cannabis brands can advertise. Our guidelines help these brands advertise responsibly. This year’s guidelines report that cannabis brands currently spend less on advertising because they are capital constrained, highly regulated, and restricted, but also because they are unable to write off marketing expenses for their businesses. Later this year when cannabis is likely moved from a Schedule I Controlled Substance to a Schedule III Controlled Substance, companies will no longer be subjected to the restrictive Section 280E tax code. This will open significant new budgets for marketing and advertising.”

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Cannabis Media Council And 46Mile/Hearst Present "I'm High Right Now" And Reefer Madness The Musical Advertising Campaigns

A prime example of the successful application of the Cannabis Media Council’s guidelines is their ongoing partnership with 46Mile, a division of Hearst Newspapers. Their collaborative “I’m High Right Now” campaign has seen remarkable success across multiple Hearst publications. This partnership has recently expanded to include an ad campaign for Reefer Madness The Musical, targeting Hearst Newspapers' Southern California audience. (Running through July 28th at the Whitley Theatre in Los Angeles, the 25th anniversary revival of the satirical musical based on the 1936 propaganda film is helmed by cannabis advocates and original cast members Christian Campbell, Kristen Bell, and Alan Cumming. Get your tickets now!)

*Editor's Note: Check out our throwback interview with the creative team behind Reefer Madness here.

“Working together, we helped ‘I’m High Right Now’ reach almost seven million impressions,” said Rose Fulton, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at 46Mile. “This campaign proves the power of responsible and creative cannabis advertising and continues to inspire our growing partnership with the Cannabis Media Council, including the creation of a unique affiliate partnership that helped fund the Cannabis Media Council’s ads in support of the revival of Reefer Madness The Musical. Brands that follow the Cannabis Media Council’s guidelines encourage publishers, especially legacy media, to update their policies and embrace cannabis advertising by ensuring the ads adhere to all regulations while also only appealing to an audience of adults.”

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Cannabis Media Council Expands Vision With Penske Media Corporation Partnership

In the 2024 report, the Cannabis Media Council also announced the Penske Media Corporation as its newest Visionary Media Partner. Known for its support of the cannabis sector through Rolling Stone magazine and the Rolling Stone Culture Council, as well as its involvement in popular tracks at SXSW, Penske Media Corporation will provide digital ad inventory for the "I’m High Right Now" campaign across multiple titles. Additionally, the Cannabis Media Council has partnered with Green Market Report, a Crain Communications publication dedicated to cannabis financial news, to share the updated guidelines and ensure that professional networks remain informed about the latest in cannabis marketing possibilities.

The Cannabis Media Council's initiatives are generously supported by donors and visionary media partners. Those interested in supporting the Council’s mission, extending the reach of current campaigns, and funding future endeavors are encouraged to make tax-exempt donations here or contact

Through these guidelines and partnerships, the Cannabis Media Council continues to pave the way for responsible, effective cannabis advertising, helping brands navigate the complexities of marketing in this evolving industry.

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