Cannabis cultivators across America, rejoice! Barney's Farm, the globally renowned purveyor of premium cannabis seeds, has finally planted roots stateside with the launch of their US-facing website at This momentous occasion ushers in a new era of accessibility and convenience for American enthusiasts seeking the finest cannabis genetics.

Rapidly Shipped From the US Warehouse

Understanding the importance of swift and dependable delivery, Barney's Farm has established a dedicated US warehouse to ensure your precious cannabis seeds arrive promptly. No matter your location, expect lightning-fast shipping to any state nationwide, accompanied by the exceptional service that has become a hallmark of Barney's Farm name.

A Journey of Passion and Innovation

The Barney's Farm story began humbly in the 1980s, a small seedling nurtured by founder Derry's fervent passion for cannabis genetics in the Netherlands. Through relentless innovation and a commitment to quality, this modest endeavor blossomed into a globally celebrated brand, accumulating numerous prestigious awards and accolades along the way. The Amsterdam-based Barney's Farm coffee shop quickly became a mecca for cannabis aficionados worldwide, drawn to the unparalleled selection of premium strains.

The Essence of Barney's Farm: Uncompromising Quality

At the heart of Barney's Farm's phenomenal success lies an unwavering dedication to quality and the ceaseless pursuit of the finest cannabis genetics. By forging collaborations with seasoned breeders across the globe and embarking on countless exploratory expeditions, the Barney's Farm team has meticulously curated a diverse and award-winning collection of strains, each boasting its own unique characteristics, flavors, and effects.

A Cultivator's Paradise Awaits

Through the new US website, American customers can now immerse themselves in a veritable cultivator's paradise. From legendary strains to trailblazing newcomers. The extensive catalog caters to every discerning palate, preference, and experience level.

Pineapple Chunk

  • Type: Feminized
  • Sativa/Indica: 20% / 80%
  • Flowering time: 55-60 days

Pineapple Chunk is a delectable fusion of Barney's Farm's Sweet Pineapple and the legendary Cheese/Skunk #1. This cross captures the earthy, musky notes of its Cheese and Skunk heritage, accented by an alluring burst of sweet, tropical pineapple. 

On the palate, earthy undertones mingle with an invigorating pineapple aftertaste. A resilient and stable plant with high THC and CBD levels, Pineapple Chunk delivers a powerful couch-locking experience backed by mouthwatering tropical flavors.

Liberty Haze

  • Type: Feminized
  • Sativa/Indica: 60% / 40%
  • Flowering time: 60-65 days

Liberty Haze is a fast-flowering hybrid combining G13 and ChemDawg 91 genetics. With both Indica and Sativa characteristics, it matures in just 8-9 weeks into a medium-sized plant with dense, thick colas. 

The buds develop vibrant red and purple hues as they fatten up. Liberty Haze delivers an immediate, euphoric cerebral buzz complemented by a distinct lime taste and aroma. A versatile strain that thrives indoors or out, offering potency and flavor in a rapid growth cycle.

Liberty Haze (C) Barney's Farm

Ayahuasca Purple 

  • Type: Feminized
  • Indica: 100%
  • Flowering time: 55-65 days

Ayahuasca Purple is a stunning strain from Barney's Farm, created by crossing Red River Delta with Master Kush. The plants exhibit mesmerizing shades of purple and ruby red, complemented by a stout structure with wide fan leaves. Ayahuasca Purple entices with an aroma blending hazelnut and papaya notes. When consumed, it delivers a heavenly relaxation and calming euphoria, providing an escape from stress and recharging the mind and body. 

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A New Dawn for American Cannabis Cultivation

The launch of Barney’s Farm USA marks a momentous milestone for cannabis enthusiasts across the nation. With an unparalleled wealth of knowledge, an unwavering commitment to quality, and a customer-centric approach, Barney's Farm is poised to become the preeminent source of premium cannabis seeds in the United States. Explore their extraordinary catalog today, and embark on a journey of unrivaled possibilities in the comfort of your own home.


Featured image: (C) Barney's Farm