In lieu of the latest stance by Attorney General Jeff Sessions in taking away states’ rights to determine their own cannabis laws, we present a very different perspective from medium and spirit guide, Lori Lipten. Lori lovingly channels a message from Spirit on the truthful purposes of this mystical plant.
Though she does not consume cannabis recreationally, Lori articulates what we believe at Honeysuckle (both those who partake and who don’t) – there is absolutely NO reason to make this plant illegal. Not only does it possess special healing and spiritual properties, but when used in the right ceremonial manner, it can also be quite good for an individual. So stop listening to Jeff Sessions and listen to what “Spirit Says:”

We are eager to facilitate the knowledge and understanding of how the plant people work with humanity to live in harmony with life. All plants are living beings. Marijuana or cannabis is an herb, a creative element, given to humanity to facilitate digestion, healing, relaxation, sacred ceremony, clear vision, enhanced ceremonial productivity and allowance of deeper meaning. It can promote dreamtime and stimulate creative processing. It has the power to link one to their herb brothers and sisters (the plant essence or spirit of the plant). This brings people out of slumber into awareness of life beyond the norm and can at times, expand consciousness. It is not meant to be overused or used wantonly. It is meant to be honored, revered and used in specified ceremonial ways that promote health. When overused, it can deter one from wellness and promote disease and break down the clarity and processing ability of the individual. It is a sacred herb that has been used by many, for thousands of years.

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Cannabis is misused when one is not in alignment with its essence. When the individual is not truly guided by Spirit into the usage of the herb for medicinal, sacred healing and ceremonial purposes, it can lead one into suffering. When used recreationally, one walks a fine line that can move the encounter from the sacred into disrespect and loss of self. When this misalignment occurs, imbalance manifests and this impacts earth and humanity adversely.

The government within the United States has a vested interest in maintaining the criminalization of cannabis, as it is not yet viewed in its proper context. The current laws were created from misunderstanding, fear and racial bias. After a time, when organized crime began to manage the sales and distribution of this substance (which is no longer holy because it’s been altered chemically; dishonored, used for capital gain and to maintain control of a population through dependency for profit), the government now has an unconscious investment in maintaining this status quo. The government is not a “being” per se, nor is it a monolith. However, as an entity, it can be run by an unconscious unification of ideas that no longer truly serve the citizens for which it was formed. Organized crime in various forms has a strong investment in maintaining the criminalization of cannabis in the United States.

Cannabis has the power and potential to be a healing agent for many when used within the understanding and respect of its essence. As an herb, when grown and harvested with loving care and respect, it will yield great medicinal value for those in need of relief from pain, anxiety and blockages. Applying cannabis oil, which has healing value above all, can bring great benefits too. Cannabis can be used in myriad ways. When spoken to directly and aligned with intuitively, the herb will tell the practitioner how to properly use the medicine for the one in need. When used reverently, inhaling of the herbal smoke can bring about great insights and refreshing perspectives. Sometimes the ceremony with the herb alone can free the individual of darker spirits and release patterns that have been lodged in the unconscious mind. When understood, this blessed herb can prove to be a meaningful asset for those in need and should be used as a sacred element – not as a toxin, not for recreational pleasure, and not wantonly without understanding.

All herbs are given to the earth to serve the life existing on the planet. When used with reverence and understanding, cannabis has the power to serve and promote healing, harmony and balance. When not used properly, it will cause dysfunction, limit thriving and promote disease. Life is seeking harmony and restoration of its original intent. This can be done through awakening. When one is awake, one is no longer limited to viewing the world as finite, physical and linear. It is no longer confined to time and space restriction. Today cannabis serves only to enhance and promote thriving for all.

Lori Lipten is an international best-selling author, world-renowned medium, contemporary shaman, and empowering retreat leader and teacher. She holds a Master of Arts in Clinical and Humanistic Psychology and has devoted her life to normalizing intuition. She is founder of Sacred Balance Academy; the Intuitive Practitioners Certification Program™; Inspired Heart™ Programs and a variety of healing methods and workshops all designed to assist others in awakening to their highest potential. Lori serves clients around the globe and practices out of the Sacred Balance Academy & Healing Center in Bloomfield Hills, MI. Visit for more information about Lori.