It’s officially the new year! Which means being the best version of yourself possible. This also means cleansing your temple of any toxins… which is exactly why we have the perfect solution for Dry January

What Is Dry January?

So what exactly is “Dry January?” Launched in 2013 by Alcohol Change UK, a nonprofit that deals with alcohol misuse issues, it’s a public health initiative to remove alcohol from your diet for the entire month (31 days). The concept is for people to take a break from alcohol, in hopes of improving their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Detoxing from alcohol can have numerous health benefits, but it can also bring on some uncomfortable side effects such as insomnia and nausea that cannabinoids are effective at addressing.

What Is Cali Sober? Meet The THC Mocktail

Insert Cali Sober, who is here to make sure you stay right on track! This is the newest hemp-derived THC beverage, in an effort to provide you with the resources to live a healthier lifestyle. Think of it as a THC mocktail, as THC replaces alcohol as America’s favorite vice. 

The name Cali Sober is actually directly inspired by the movement of individuals who don’t drink alcohol, but consume cannabis. In a world where people are constantly looking for alternatives to enjoy themselves in a social setting, Cali Sober shines through.

Cali Sober Founder Flip Croft-Caderao On Dry January, Health, And A New Vision For Sobriety

Honeysuckle spoke with CEO and founder of Cali Sober, Flip Croft-Caderao, who recently became sober in 2022. It was the realization of the downsides of alcohol — weight gain, anxiety, depression, poor choices — that eventually led him to want to find a solution.

SHIRLEY JU: Why did you name your product Cali Sober?

FLIP CROFT-CADERAO: When I went sober from alcohol, I found out there was a movement/culture around Cali Sober and I was enamored by the name. I looked up the trademark for it and saw that there was no trademark filed for it in the beverage category, so we were able to craft a quality beverage and get a trademark for it. We feel like we are a product for the movement. 

What sets this beverage apart from the others on the market?

We’re positioned as a mocktail, for the occasions when you’d have a drink. And we’re in a can so we’re positioned in a convenient way and can be sold at restaurants, bars, and convenience stores. Additionally, we use all-natural THC, not synthetic cannabinoids. Our cannabinoids come straight from the plant. It’s important to have everything all-natural in our products.

How did you get sober from alcohol? 

It was a health and wellness thing. I went to my doctor, who recommended I quit alcohol to treat some health concerns, so I quit. I found that it was somewhat easier for me to quit because I was smoking cannabis. Using weed in place of alcohol in order to do the things that people use alcohol for, like taking the edge off, greasing the social muscles, and helping sleep… I was using weed for all those things and was able to abstain from alcohol because weed really scratched that itch. Then I realized there was nothing that was an alcoholic beverage alternative that scratched that itch the same way cannabis did, so I sought out to create THC mocktails.

What is the importance of Dry January? How does Cali Sober support that movement?

We’re in a place in the sober movement where so many people are participating in Dry January now. It’s time for another part of the conversation regarding sobriety. Currently it is whether you’re sober or not, and we’re looking to bring a different way to talk about sobriety. We support the movement in the vein that we want to give other options for when you want to abstain from alcohol. Our beverages are perfect for Dry January weekends when you want to let loose a little bit without the effects of alcohol. 

How will this beverage impact the cannabis community?

We’re impacting the cannabis community by growing it. Because of the format of drinks, there’s a fast onset and a shorter length of high in duration, which makes it a really good option for the cannabis-curious. A lot of newcomers to cannabis are starting with edibles or gummies, which tend to be very strong and hard to properly dose. Our beverages are 5mg THC and you can take a few sips, wait a bit and see how you’re feeling, and gauge your tolerance as you go. 

We’re going to help rid a lot of potentially bad experiences with cannabis that can occur when consumers have too much THC by offering this low-dose option. I think we’re going to grow the cannabis category because we are positioned as a general market product. We’re a low-dose, totally legal, hemp-infused product that can go into stores, restaurants, and bars to help create new occasions.

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