I'm Moxie McMurder and I'm the woman behind Burn The Witch Photography.I started playing around with photography a couple of years ago when I updated my smartphone but it's when I got my Sony Xperia that my photography really took off!

I chose the name Burn the Witch Photography after one of my favourite My Ruin tracks from the album The Horror of Beauty.All my photography is based around nature.

I like my photography to try and capture the darker side of nature as well as the beauty of nature. Trees have such a special place in my heart and I'm not really sure why. I suppose because they have been here before I was born and will no doubt remain once I am gone.

All my photographs are taken while I'm out walking my two dogs, Ripley and Newt.

There is no such thing as an ugly tree. Every gnarl, every broken branch is part of what makes each tree special and worthy of photography.

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