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Big Vision Empty Wallet Distribution Lab

Big Vision Empty wallet founders, Dani Leonard and Alex Cirillo, are helping break the current cycle of white men starring/writing/directing/producing the media content that we see daily, by hosting an all day distribution lab. But this is no ordinary seminar. This is part of Kick Start Diversity, an incubator program designed to support film and TV projects created by women, POC, and the LGBT community.



The first half of the day focused on members pitching their projects. About 26 videos/presentations covered subjects such as modern sexuality, city life, racial and LGBTQ issues.

A few that stood out included WEEKEND WARRIORS which captured Middle American recreational truckers who literally get their kicks by plowing their trucks through mud. Girls shake it in bikinis and drink lots of bud. ‘Merica.

Another extremely engaging piece, CHILDREN OF THE MOUNTAIN, (the second place Tribeca audience award winner) by Priscilla Anany, centers on a Ghanaian woman’s quest to heal her child and the trials and injustices faced by women.

We talked about ‘new media’ and all of the exciting new platforms for films to be seen.

The second half of the day blitzed through the complicated and opaque world of distribution and audience engagement. One surprising fact? In an era of rapidly shifting social media platforms, email address is still the greatest way to keep engaged with your audience.


Dani Faith Leonard

Founder Dani Faith Leonard

Alex Cirillo

Founder Alex Cirillo









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