Celeste Mittman is a born and raised New Yorker with 16 years of cannabis consumption experience. She's incredibly passionate about all things cannabis. When she’s not writing reviews, she’s working at Veriheal, helping patients across the country obtain safe and legal access to their medicine. She is a living representation of the healing power of cannabis and enjoys educating people on how it can similarly benefit their lives.

Recently, the advocate and connoisseur sampled a "Summer Fun" pack of flower and an assorted collection of prerolls curated by On The Revel, an events and education platform shining a light on diversity in the cannabis industry. The flower includes such legacy favorites as Champelli, 167 Exotics, and Alchemy Pure. Meanwhile, the prerolls showcase the best from New York State cultivators, who have just begun to share their wares direct to consumer through Cannabis Growers Showcase forums. The set features High Falls Canna, Nanticoke, Supernaturals New York, Aeterna Cannabis, and West Coast award-winning brand LOWD, which looks to be dropping products to the East soon.

Here were Celeste's takes on this collection - read on to see how she suggests you roll.

(C) Celeste Mittman @cannalest
The "Summer Fun" pack with On The Revel prerolls (C) Celeste Mittman @cannalest

What Are Celeste's Picks For The Best "Summer Fun" Cannabis Flower?

Emerald Fire by Alchemy Pure (C) Celeste Mittman @cannalest

Emerald Fire By Alchemy Pure

This flower has a naturally beautiful bud structure and an organically sweet terpene scent, staying true to the brand name Alchemy Pure! When ground, it emits a lovely vegetal aroma, while the inhale tastes like Sour Patch Kids-esque sweetness. The effects are a calming and refreshing mental alertness, with terps that remind me of a movie theatre watermelon slushie. Its relaxing effect was so profound that I opted for music over TV, basking in good vibes.

Super Gremlin by Champelli (C) Celeste Mittman @cannalest

Super Gremlin By Champelli

Loved this flower! Super top-notch quality, both the bag appeal and when smoked. On the inhale, there's a prominent blueberry flavor followed by the sweetness of purple Pez and candy sugar. The high is calming and brings out your best self - versatile enough to hang with friends while being anxiety-free. The nugs are visually gorgeous, with a mix of green and purple tones when ground. Super Gremlin pairs excellently with fresh fruit, smoothies, or acai bowls, making it a delightful and refreshing choice for what remains of the summer!

*Editor's Note: For more about Champelli, click here!

Flower by 167 Exotics (C) Celeste Mittman @cannalest

167 Exotics

From the packaging to the flower inside, this is hands down some of the best weed I've ever had the pleasure of trying. I cherished it for as long as I could – the nugs are sweet and enticing, emitting a warm and beautiful fragrance. It tastes like Creamsicle and fresh grapes, producing sizable white clouds when inhaled. The taste and effects are so immersive that I almost forgot to write a review about it!  It's remarkably smooth and tempting to keep all to yourself. But share it with your stoner friends, they’ll love you for it!

What Are Celeste's Thoughts On New York-Grown Cannabis Flower In On The Revel's Prerolls?

On The Revel's Assorted Prerolls: Products from High Falls Canna, Aeterna, Nanticoke, LOWD, and Supernaturals (C) Celeste Mittman @cannalest

On The Revel Assorted Prerolls

I’m consistently impressed by the quality of products coming out of New York State. These prerolls are an example of the standard being set and what's to come! Some are infused and stuffed with delicious flower. Others, like the High Falls Canna “Pre-Packed Chillum,” were super dope! High Falls offers a prepacked pipe, great for on-the-go. Huge shout-out to the On The Revel team for helping brands find their home in NYC dispensaries! Keep the goodness coming!

*Editor's Note: For more about the On The Revel team, click here!

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