Celeste Mittman is a born and raised New Yorker with 16 years of cannabis consumption experience. She's incredibly passionate about all things cannabis. When she’s not writing reviews, she’s working at Veriheal, helping patients across the country obtain safe and legal access to their medicine. She is a living representation of the healing power of cannabis and enjoys educating people on how it can similarly benefit their lives.

Recently, the advocate and connoisseur sampled a “Rainbow Joy” pack of flower and prerolls from different brands and growers, including Doja, FLAMER, Prophet Cannabis, Ethic Farms and the popular hybrid strain Unicorn Poop cultivated by Thug Pug Genetics. Here were her takes on this collection of favorites - read on to see how Celeste suggests you roll.

(C) Celeste Mittman @cannalest

What Are Celeste's Picks For The Best "Rainbow Joy" Cannabis Flower And Prerolls?

The full Rainbow Joy Pack (C) Celeste Mittman @cannalest
Unicorn Poop by Thug Pug Genetics (C) Celeste Mittman @cannalest

Unicorn Poop By Thug Pug Genetics

Loving this flower!! Phenomenal taste when vaporized. It’s one that’s “gotta cough to get off” but in a good way, providing instant calming and anxiety relief effects. Great for watching TV. You’ll enjoy whatever you watch when elevated with this one (as always, try to avoid scary stuff). The nugs have major bag appeal, flawless and perfectly trimmed.

Prophet Cannabis Laughing Prophet Hash-Infused Prerolls (C) Celeste Mittman @cannalest

Prophet Cannabis Laughing Prophet Hash-Infused Prerolls

Hash smell and taste are strong in both the Indica and Hybrid versions of this preroll - but be aware of the dumping oil ring dripping down the paper when burning. Indica gives you a heavy body high that leaves you feeling chilled. It also brings on giggly effects. Great for bedtime, promoting a deep sense of sleepiness. Hybrid leaves you feeling smiley and relaxed - and you get the instant munchies. Perfect for daytime use and socializing with friends.

Doja "Select Batch" Sweet Retreat flower (C) Celeste Mittman @cannalest

Doja "Select Batch" Sweet Retreat

Gorgeous nugs with a simple, classic, appearance of light green and orange hairs. The taste profile consists of apricot and leaves an herby aftertaste with a note of sweet ginger-lemon. For a true “sweet retreat”, packing a giant bowl of this goodness is highly recommended - you won’t regret it!

FLAMER Preroll (C) Celeste Mittman @cannalest
Watch FLAMER founder/CEO Wyatt Harms discuss LGBTQIA+ culture and cannabis at Honeysuckle's LOUD AND PROUD Panel!

FLAMER Preroll

This preroll features a fantastic red rolling paper, which adds a touch of vibrancy to the smoking experience. Not to mention the sturdy, portable tube it comes in with the distinct “FLAMER” branding. It offers a lively, uplifting high, perfect for celebrating Pride month every month, as the company is LGBTQIA+-owned! I met Flamer’s founder and CEO Wyatt Harms from at the Honeysuckle LOUD and PROUD event, where he spoke about the intersections of LGBTQIA+ culture and cannabis. He’s awesome. Thanks, Wyatt!

Ethic Farms Yuna Corn (C) Celeste Mittman @cannalest

Ethic Farms Yuna Corn Flower

Beautifully packaged with a full-bodied smell, which is even more pronounced when ground. The flowers flaunt their lovely mix of purple and green hues. Incredibly effective in inducing sleepiness, sedation, and heavy limbs - the perfect way to end a long day of smoking and an excellent choice for chilling out.

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Featured image: (C) Celeste Mittman @cannalest