By Maureen Meehan, via Benzinga

Ric Flair and Tyson 2.0 joined forces in March in what we knew would be a wildly successful heavy-weight cannabis matchup. Now, as part of their dynamic partnership, comes Ric Flair Drip, which is ready to hit the shelves in several states in October.

The two of them and Ric Flair Drip’s president and chairman will all be at Benzinga’s Cannabis Capital Conference on September 13-14 in Chicago along with a slew of other outstanding speakers from all across the cannabis industry.

Ric Flair and Mike Tyson’s Cannabis Business Venture

In an interview with the New York Post, Flair said one of the reasons he’s feeling confident the cannabis line will be a major success is Chad Bronstein, the brand’s co-founder, president, and chairman.

“So many people come to me with business ideas. They never come to fruition,” Flair said. “This is probably the biggest [business venture] that’s come together for me in my life.”

Surely the threesome will have lots to say about the Flair-Tyson 2.0 partnership with Verano, which will help launch Ric Flair Drip across its 13-state network. In October, the cannabis brand will be available in Arizona, Nevada and Illinois followed by Connecticut, Florida, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia later in 2022.

“Ric’s a marketing genius,” Bronstein said. “As with Mike Tyson, when Ric goes to market, people show up, and they want to know more. They both connect with consumers and want their fans to be happy.”

What Does Ric Flair Drip Mean to Tyson and Flair?

Flair told Benzinga that it was truly momentous to be launching Ric Flair Drip.

“My entire life has been about working hard, playing harder, and putting forth positive energy. Recognized for its health and wellness benefits, cannabis helps me do just that. I’m thrilled to finally share the life-elevating products we’ve created with my fans and cannabis consumers around the nation.”

Flair credits cannabis edibles with helping him get off Ambien and Xanax, the latter of which he used for over 30 years as a sleep aid.

“Ambien and Xanax are the only two drugs I’ve ever taken — only to sleep, to relax,” Flair told the NY Post. “You can get hooked on both of those. Cannabis has relieved me of both of those. I’ve been taking Xanax since 1989. Now it’s nonexistent because of these products. I had to ween myself off. It took me about eight weeks to get off it. I’d highly recommend that to anybody. People eat Xanax like candy.”

Again, come and meet Flair, Tyson and Bronstein in person at the Cannabis Capital Conference in Chicago, Sept. 13-14. Get your tickets HERE and reserve your spot at the historic Palmer House Hotel HERE.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons and lindsayfox by Pixabay

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Maureen Meehan is a reporter with years of writing and radio experience abroad, including Latin America, Middle East, Spain and currently NYC where she has been writing for Weedmaps News, High Times, Cannabis Now and other cannabis-related publications. She is a Cannabis Editor for Benzinga.

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Featured image: Ric Flair and Mike Tyson at podcast recording; screengrab via 'Hotboxin' with Mike Tyson on YouTube.