“If you adore me, why do you ignore me?” Lili Trifilio sings on her band’s new single, posing the age-old question that singles have been asking themselves in the past decade, if not longer. “Good Girls (Don’t Get Used)” is the first single from Chicago power pop quartet Beach Bunny’s upcoming EP Blame Game and the band’s first new song since the release of their critically acclaimed debut album Honeymoon last February.

“Good Girls (Don’t Get Used)”

Trifilio is no stranger to weaving romantic troubles into blissfully catchy indie pop tunes. She has garnered respect for her lyrical prowess apparent in the release of Honeymoon pre-pandemic and the latest, “Good Girls (Don’t Get Used).” This time, however, Trifilio is taking control. While Honeymoon is a boy trouble pity party, the latest single takes the bull by the horns and calls out the emotionally unavailable manipulators of the dating world.

In the music video that debuted alongside the single, Trifilio is portrayed as the subject of male scrutiny and indifference. The video depicts her being played like a video game (both figuratively and literally) and photographed like an Instagram model for the viewing pleasure of guys who want her for nothing more than a meaningless fling. All the while, Beach Bunny’s signature twin guitar sound and bubblegum aesthetic blast the men to bits. The video draws to a close with Trifilio and company destroying everything in sight as she delivers delightfully venomous lyrics critiquing ghosting and booty calls.

Meeting people in the age of social media and dating apps has never been simple, and the coronavirus pandemic has only made things more complicated. You can go days without getting a single match on Tinder or have to unmatch with somebody right away because they sent you a creepy opening line. You can think things are going well only to wake up and see you have been blocked on every social media platform your ex-match uses. 

On top of all this, once you actually establish a steady rapport with somebody, there always seem to be strings attached. Whether it is multiple Snapchat streaks with other matches or a general emotional unavailability and aversion to commitment, it can be extremely difficult to establish a genuine connection with anybody.

The trials and tribulations of modern romance are very relatable problems. Beach Bunny has been able to rise in popularity thanks to Lili Trifilio’s unique ability to deftly capture and convey these feelings in her songs. From the band’s first major success with the low self-esteem anthem “Prom Queen” to the torching of manipulative boys on the prowl on dating apps with “Good Girls (Don’t Get Used),” Trifilio and her band have grown more confident. They are ready to stop running around in romantic circles and tell the world to stop putting up with it too.