By Joanna Leban

Don’t look like an amateur. Get better service.

TIPS – means to insure prompt service. My top ten, will HELP you with this.Bartenders, however, cannot be agitated by every customer who does not observe these rules. You have to smile and deal with it, and go on with your shift. That is just part of the biz.10.) Tipping a bartender, is entirely different than tipping a server.When dining, the server has to wait to the end to receive their gratuity. If the waitperson does not like it, there really is nothing one can do. It is more than likely that the customer has already scurried out the front door, possibly never to be seen again.When going to the bar, chances are you are going to be making numerous trips to be served, you will be judged on your first trip (and tip). When you step up a second time, we can prioritize serving the guy who is giving us a bigger per drink tip, and we GET to decide how long you will have to wait.9.) Unless you are a well established regular, do not tip at the end.You may ADD a hefty tip at the end, but do not wait until your drinking binge is over to take care of the server. And don’t think you are being smart, if you decide you HAVE to tip at the end, and you will just let us know your plan. Usually, the ones who announce such a thing, are the very ones who fail to live up to their word. We won’t believe you, if you say it, so don’t try it.8.) Tip heavy on the first round.You can bet you will get special treatment after doing so. Also, remember to say please and thank you. People without manners just plain suck.7.) Do not ask for us to be generous on our pour.If you want a stronger drink, you should order a double, and expect to pay double. Otherwise, it makes you sound cheap and like a desparate alcoholic. What we pour, is what you get.6.) If you order water or soda, you need to tip on that too.And do not ONLY order water; it is a bar; if you don’t want to drink alcohol, get a juice or soda. We are a business like any other, and we SELL drinks to people. If you expect to sit on our stools, piss in our bathroom, play our jukebox, you need to be a PAYING customer.5.) Do not leave coins as a tip.It is rude, and insulting. And, bartenders have been known to take spare change left on the bar, and throw it on the floor (or worse), next to the cheapsake customer.4.) If you want to pay using a credit card, plan on spending more than $20.Who goes to the bar without cash anyway? And, if you are going to open a tab, don’t get so drunk you forget to close it out and pay. Who does this? Idiots. The same people who leave their cell phones and purses unattended, I suppose.3.) Do not wave, snap, or use any other self created sign language to get the bartender to acknowledge you.Wait your turn.2.) Do not step up to the bar while on your cell phone, or BEFORE having your order ready.I can’t tell you how many times a patron has called me over only to turn around and start asking his friends what they want. By the time you turn back around, the bartender will probably have walked away. Do not signal us, if you don’t have it all together. 1.) If you get special treatment, like free drinks, you need to tip on those drinks as if you had paid for them.“We take care of you, you take care of us.” It is a two way street, and believe me, if you are going to be a repeat customer, any bartender worth anything, will remember you when you return again.The cheap or troublemaking bastard is even ten times more likely to be remembered, and we do not have to be nice to you if you come back. In fact, we don’t have to serve you at all. We can refuse service to whoever we want, whether you like it or not. So…Don’t be a douchebag.