We are Elders of the Rainbow Nation, the Grandmothers of the Sacred Hoop, the Rays of Orion and the Divine Keepers of the Sacred Grid on Earth. We are a Collective of Light. We are beings here to serve the highest good and facilitate the answers you are seeking.

Humanity was birthed through five star-seed soul groups dispersed throughout the Earth. The five groups began as separate tribal communities that created cultures, rituals, and eventual sister-tribes. For a long time these origin tribes did not know of one another and lived in relative harmony within the Earth Plane.

These groups, equally Divine, developed skin pigmentations and features based on their evolution, which came about through free will. Because they derived from varying soul-groups, they were viewed as significant threads within the tapestry of life. Eventually most of these groups crossed paths, intermarried, and created many new variations of human. From a Divine perspective, humanity is one single soul species.

Long ago, a virus entered the human ego, creating a vortex of fearful illusions that eventually dominated human thought. The ego was meant to be a tool used by the soul to function within the material world, but the virus had the power to seduce the individual into clinging to one’s human vessel and the material world out of fear of separation from the Divine. It created a belief of unworthiness. Because of its influence on the ego, evolution includes the conscious transmutation of this virus.

Race is an illusion of the ego. It is a disease on the planet. Oppression of any group reflects a shadow that exists across all of humanity. The United States was built upon the ideals of democracy as a divinely inspired dream, while simultaneously allowing that vision to be infused with the illusions of white male privilege and the systematic oppression of all others. America used this mythology of privilege to subjugate entire groups of dignified humans until their soul loss was so great that they lost their identity. This perpetuation of separation consciousness, and the willingness to participate in harming individuals through systematic oppression, reveals the current level of the human consciousness as it evolves through free will.

The privilege of the white ruling class created a state of domination and the wounding permeated within both the white patriarchal system and the people they suppressed. By creating and allowing this system to persist for as long as it did, the virus pervaded the American consciousness and became part of its karmic trajectory. As this level of discord continues, soul-loss becomes generational, influencing perceptions of the privileged and the oppressed.

The virus is the ego. The diseases from this virus are all forms of separation from one’s divinity, one another, and life itself. Tribalism based in fear can lead to racism. Racism is a fervently contagious and lethal version of this virus.

Colonization, organized religion, and the belief of white privilege were used to justify enslaving, torturing and systematically annihilating People of Color, religious groups, and other marginalized individuals. White people are not the only ones that harbor this disease. Humanity has these oppressive tendencies and must face and heal them for life to return to balance and harmony on earth.

The United States is being called to account for its justification of privilege and oppression. This trauma must be faced, healed, and corrected for humanity as a whole to redirect its spiritual future. It must become honest, create authentic reconciliation with all whom it has harmed, and form a new system of holism to right its course.

The time of privilege and separation is over. Humanity’s veil is lifting, but the shadow is clinging hard to what gives it safety. Your current President reflects this clinging to paradigms that benefit few, while systematically eroding the welfare of most of humanity and life on Earth.

Currently there are many such leaders in power and they are profoundly dangerous to life on this planet. Humanity cannot survive much longer if it continues to follow the ego’s ideas of white, black, yellow, brown, and red people. These threads of humanity are vital arteries in the system of life and without all of them functioning at their highest capacity, the whole system suffers.

All races are illusions of evolution on an Earth Plane only. Within the spectrum of all other dimensions – which exceed the small and narrow view of the Earth Plane – these soul groups are brilliantly capable of living in harmony, justice, beauty, and noble service to all life. We, as star-beings of light, come from such realms and are facilitating this shift in consciousness on the Earth.

Humanity is being asked to wake up from the seduction of the ego that feeds such destructive creations. All beings must let go of its paradigms and systems. They must awaken and stand in the power of a consciousness that bridges all humanity into a force for creating holistic systems on the planet.

You were born into this body, at this time, to help change the systems in which you live. The socioeconomic, educational, political, environmental, agricultural, religious, and healthcare systems are some of what is changing to reflect the holistic view of the soul, rather than the fear-based illusions of the ego-mind.

People of Color are a divine soul group, who are now returning to their noble status on the planet through beauty, light, and exquisiteness. White people are a divine soul group who are younger and evolving from the illusions of domination, privilege, and separation, into harmony and illumination. All humans are divine.

If you want to understand why any single group has suffered while others seem to flourish, you must first seek to understand yourself. Awaken to your own divine nature – one that allows you to be in full conscious contact with the Life Force that created you and sustains you. This energy permeates your whole being and can allow you to transcend the limitations imposed by your beliefs. Be honorable in your quest to know your true self. As you awaken, choose to live beyond the paradigms that you have adapted. By doing so you can discover an infinite well of health and thriving within your being that will guide you into a flourishing expression of your beauty on the Earth Plane. You will see that whatever your skin tone, hair color, body shape, gender, sexual orientation, or spiritual beliefs, you are a creation of the Divine Source of life, here to bring your exquisite creative power to its service. You came to remember. You came to love. You came to birth a new world into creation.

The choice is yours. Will you remain tied to fear, oppression, and suffering by identifying with your ego and continue the trajectory of inequality and illusion of separation on the planet? Or will you become part of the awakening and through your consciousness bring Heaven to Earth?