Reggie Wingnutz is an accomplished writer and performer whose work explores sexuality, gender identity and spirituality through words and music. His unique relationship with Spirit has led him to exceptional understandings of time and space. (Did we mention he’s a swinging time traveler from the 60s?) We asked Reggie to consult with higher powers – and get in tune with himself – to answer life’s greatest challenges.

An LGBTQ artist, Reggie has held forth for us with Spirit on the meaning of Pride. Now, as Pride Month 2020 begins amid a world on fire, we invite our readers to take a moment to plug into their universal consciousness through his messages. What else can we learn about the spirit of cannabis?

HONEY POT: How has cannabis changed over the years?

REGGIE WINGNUTZ: It’s stronger now, with lots more varieties. I don’t care that much except I like to physically relax. Now there are waxes, oils, herb, vaping, edibles, and of course, CBD. Back in the 60s and 70s you smoked what you could get. Most of us didn’t think in terms of “bud”; it was a bag of pot and you hoped it was good. Sometimes someone had hash and occasionally hash oil. I partook in all of them. The other thing is that in England, “spliff” was originally more commonly [consumed, and that’s actually] a mixture of pot and tobacco. That’s been changing more to pure green herb and oils, nowadays. There was quite a stretch when I stopped doing it altogether because it made me paranoid, and it’s only in recent years that I learned about all the different strains. Apparently I don’t do well with the “buzzy” sorts, but I do rather like the relaxing and mellow, which heighten one’s physical senses. [It’s] particularly nice if you’re getting up-close and naked with someone you like! Also, it’s not taboo in the way it once was. And while that’s great in one way, I sort of miss the bit about being naughty (although I always find other ways). But I’m totally happy when it gets legalized in more places.

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What was your favorite cannabis experience?

Some years ago, my next-door neighbor had a little pot plant growing in her window, and every so often—when I’d go over there (at her invitation)—I’d pick some of the baby leaves. It was a very small plant, maybe two feet high at the most. And those joints were some of the sweetest highs I’ve ever had. Those baby leaves! I’ve never been into being big, hit-you-over-the-head stoned (although I’ve certainly done it), and if I’m trying to get anything done—or have a semblance of a coherent conversation—forget it. I like being on that edge, while I’m mucking about playing music and coming up with ideas.

What’s something people might not know about the cannabis plant?

Every plant has a spirit. There’s an herb store I used to go into to gather plant materials to make various concoctions, and I started to notice that each bin or jar of herbs had a distinct personality, and some would actually call out to me. Even when I wasn’t partaking in smoking pot, I always really liked the spirit of cannabis. [It is] more “female” in energy, warm, benevolent, healing and fun. Quite different than the spirit of opium (heroin), who I actually wrote a song about called “Lady in White”. Start tuning into the spirits of the plants. Each one is never all-good, or all-bad. Too much of one can sometimes be poison, but just the right amount can be medicine. They are multifaceted and have their own unique characteristics, as we do. If you listen, they will tell and show you a lot; and you might be surprised.

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