We all know Meatloaf would do anything for love, but there are a few things he wouldn’t do…

He won’t try on a jacket outside the dressing room

He won’t watch your Instagram stories

He won’t go on a low-carb diet

He won’t have sex unless the air conditioner is on

He won’t drink Oat Milk

He won’t go apple picking

He won’t wait for you to finishing watching The Good Place

He won’t substitute cauliflower for rice

He won’t use that expensive Kiehl’s lotion for his dry elbows

He won’t ever know when an avocado is ripe

He won’t ever run to catch the train

He won’t go on a double date with you and your crystal-loving sister

He won’t explain why he owns strip lights

He won’t ever just dry off in the shower

He won’t introduce you as his girlfriend

He won’t wear that weird sweater your mom got him for his birthday

He won’t let you meet his college friend Steve

He won’t set your photo as the background on his phone

He won’t EVER take a paint and draw class

He won’t go a whole day without playing Fortnite

He won’t listen to a podcast while driving

He won’t ever send you a selfie, no matter how many times you ask

He won’t love anyone has much as he loves you


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