On October 19th, the pulse of Los Angeles quickened as Agent Provocateur, the renowned purveyor of exquisite lingerie, joined forces with the purpose-driven retro-luxe CBD beauty brand Nakie Coquette to host an unforgettable Halloween extravaganza. The event, held at Agent Provocateur's opulent Melrose Boutique, saw the convergence of the city's most intriguing tastemakers for an evening of lavish indulgence and seductive allure.

Left to right: Carmit Bachar, an original member of the Pussycat Dolls; Nakie Coquette co-founder Niki Schwan; and reality star Jessica Hall (C) Nakie Coquette

Agent Provocateur And Nakie Coquette's Halloween: CBD Beauty, Lingerie, And Burlesque

Amidst the gossamer ambiance of the boutique, stars and influencers alike found themselves enthralled in a world where decadent lingerie pieces and sumptuous beauty products tantalized the senses. The air was charged with excitement as attendees were treated to a mesmerizing burlesque performance by the renowned Emma Vauxdevil. With an electrifying blend of sensuality and danger, Emma not only enthralled the audience with her ravishing moves, but also left them awe-struck as she effortlessly swallowed an actual sword, a daring act that lingered in the minds of all who bore witness.

Nakie Coquette beauty products at Agent Provocateur's Melrose Boutique (C) Nakie Coquette
Nakie Coquette founders Jessica Penzari (left) and Niki Schwan (right) (C) Nakie Coquette

What Is Nakie Coquette? The "Sexy Sustainability" CBD Beauty Brand

Nakie Coquette’s co-founders, style expert Niki Schwan and PR maven Jessica Penzari, were present at the Melrose Boutique, explaining more about the purposeful nature of their brand. The mission is all about “sexy sustainability” - botanical products with CBD infusion that the creators describe as “concocted with highly efficacious, naked ingredients, intentionally packaged in luxe, forever-keepsake bottles with an apothecary, Earth-friendly refill system.” To this end, they use 100 percent plastic-free and compostable/biodegradable shipping materials and curbside recyclable glass containers. Apothecary refills are sealed with sustainably-sourced cork and hand-dipped in biodegradable wax. The brand is proudly Leaping Bunny certified for cruelty-free production, and for every product purchased, a new tree is planted.

Nakie Coquette co-founder Niki Schwan (left) with iconic Playboy Playmate and The Medicine Woman founder Charis B (right) (C) Nakie Coquette
Euphoria actress Jewell Farshad at the Agent Provocateur-Nakie Coquette Halloween party (C) Nakie Coquette
Dominique Defoe (left) and Brittan Byrd (right), stars of Netflix's Too Hot to Handle, at the Agent Provocateur-Nakie Coquette Halloween party (C) Nakie Coquette

Which Celebrities Attended Agent Provocateur and Nakie Coquette's Halloween Event?

Familiar faces from the entertainment and fashion industries filled the Halloween party’s guest list. Notable attendees included Jessica Hall, best known for appearing in WE TV’s hit reality series Kendra On Top, and Carmit Bachar, an original member of the chart-topping group, Pussycat Dolls. Netflix's Too Hot to Handle cast members Dominique Defoe and Brittan Byrd added to the glamour of the evening, while the enchanting presence of singer Nikka Costa and Euphoria's Jewell Farshad further elevated the event's allure. Charis Burrett, AKA Charis B, added a touch of timeless elegance to the affair; an iconic Playboy Playmate, she is also the founder of cannabis wellness brand The Medicine Woman, a venture which has seen her partner with legendary artist and entrepreneur Ice T

As the evening progressed, it became evident that Agent Provocateur and Nakie Coquette had succeeded in creating an atmosphere that seamlessly blended luxury, seduction, and purpose. The event not only celebrated the artistry of these two brands, but also served as a testament to the ability of fashion and beauty to transcend mere materialism and evoke a sense of empowerment and allure. With the echoes of Emma Vauxdevil's spellbinding performance lingering in the air, the Halloween bash hosted by Agent Provocateur and Nakie Coquette will undoubtedly remain etched in the memories of all who were fortunate enough to partake in its enigmatic splendor.

For more about Nakie Coquette, visit nakiecoquette.com. To learn more about Agent Provocateur, visit agentprovocateur.com.

Burlesque performer Emma Vauxdevil performs at the Agent Provocateur-Nakie Coquette Halloween party (C) Nakie Coquette

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Featured image: Burlesque performer Emma Vauxdevil poses at the Agent Provocateur-Nakie Coquette Halloween Party (C) Nakie Coquette