Photo Tracy S

Poem By Moxie McMurder

The seduction begins earlyThe curves of womanhood work against youThe need for control growsFighting against each beautiful bumpFleshy and weakIt starts in childhoodLittle girl watchesAs mother barely touches her foodPats her stomach and says she’s fullTells anyone who’ll listenThe latest dress size she can now squeeze intoAnd her attention turns to youA few careless wordsAnd suddenly this carcass that gets you from A to BIs up for discussionDissectionLike those diagrams of cows in butcher shopsWhich bit can you loseOur Mother of Beautiful BonesBlessed be thy painI hate youBut I hate myself moreTake these thoughts and prayers awayBury them and help me forgetHelp me look at womenWithout comparisonNo two bodies are the sameSo why do I crave the images that validate these thoughtsBecause they are everywhere I lookBoth real and imaginedA glamour is cast The illusion is sold