A Glamour of Bones A Deadly Illusion

Photo by Tracy S Sydor http://www.tracysydor.com

Photo Tracy S Sydor


Poem By Moxie Mc Murder

The seduction begins early

The curves of womanhood work against you

The need for control grows

Fighting against each beautiful bump

Fleshy and weak

It starts in childhood

Little girl watches

As mother barely touches her food

Pats her stomach and says she’s full

Tells anyone who’ll listen

The latest dress size she can now squeeze into

And her attention turns to you

A few careless words

And suddenly this carcass that gets you from A to B

Is up for discussion


Like those diagrams of cows in butcher shops

Which bit can you lose

Our Mother of Beautiful Bones

Blessed be thy pain

I hate you

But I hate myself more

Take these thoughts and prayers away

Bury them and help me forget

Help me look at women

Without comparison

No two bodies are the same

So why do I crave the images that validate these thoughts

Because they are everywhere I look

Both real and imagined

A glamour is cast The illusion is sold

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