Cannabis, or marijuana, has been consumed by human beings for thousands of years, but it is only recently that most people have had regular access to the substance. Everyone has their favorite way of consuming cannabis, and the plant’s recent legality in countries like Canada has made everything from pre-rolled joints to infused candies readily available to consumers.

Here are just a few great ways to consume cannabis, and why doing so can be a fun, safe, and rewarding experience.

1. Joints

For a classic way to consume cannabis, it’s difficult to beat joints. While they’ve fallen out of fashion with some cannabis fans in recent years, joints provide convenient ways to smoke marijuana on the go and can be fun to roll to boot.

At a good marijuana dispensary, individuals can often find a wide selection of inexpensive pre-rolled joints for sale. Pre-rolled joints are especially great resources for individuals who want to sample several different cannabis strains without breaking the bank.

There’s also a certain art to rolling a joint, and many reputations in the 1970s were founded on how well someone could “roll a number” on a Dark Side of the Moon LP. There’s also something stylish and classic about this humble form of smoking marijuana; favored by everyone from Nick Drake to Jimi Hendrix to Bob Dylan, joints can provide people with a fun and easy way to light up.

2. Blunts

Named after the type of cigar from which they’re typically created, blunts are usually made by rolling marijuana in tobacco leaves. Because blunts are created from relatively big cigars, they are also able to contain far more cannabis than joints.

Blunts have become increasingly popular recently due to the powerful punch they can provide to smokers. In recent years, everyone from tech CEO Elon Musk to Snoop Dogg has been spotted smoking a blunt to wind down. Indeed, it doesn’t look like the popularity of blunts will be decreasing anytime soon.

3. Vaporizers

For people who enjoy the thought of using cannabis but don’t enjoy the harshness or pungent smell of marijuana smoke, vaporizers can provide a great way to experience the joys of cannabis.

People who vaporize cannabis use marijuana concentrates rather than leaves, but the high will be just the same as other “traditional” forms of ingestion. In fact, some people find the high from vaporized cannabis to be “smoother” in its effects. The portability of vaporizers also makes the devices fun for people who like to enjoy a puff or two on walks or hikes.

4. Edibles

Increasingly popular with cannabis aficionados in recent years, edibles are now available in a variety of forms. Traditionally made by cooking marijuana into brownies, edibles can now be purchased as gummy candies and even chocolate bars. To experience an ancient form of cannabis consumption, users can also try a Persian form of spiced edible called majoun.

While the cognitive effects of edibles take longer to experience, they’re said by many users to be more intense and longer-lasting. Many individuals who dislike the harshness of marijuana smoke also tend to prefer edibles for their ease of use. For people who are just becoming familiar with marijuana, edibles can be a great introduction to the benefits of cannabis.

5. Bongs

Bongs are usually seen by marijuana aficionados as one of the best and most effective ways to smoke cannabis. Because smoke from a bong is cooled by water at the device’s base, using a bong can create a mellow “hit” for users. It also allows users to avoid the heat and harshness of other smoking methods.

Because the water in a bong cools marijuana smoke before it is ingested, it also allows smokers to take bigger and longer “hits” than other forms of cannabis smoking. And while newer users may find bongs a bit confusing or even intimidating to use at first, people accustomed to smoking cannabis often swear by their bongs.

While there is currently a truly wide variety of ways to ingest marijuana, each person will have their own personal favorite form of cannabis consumption. Trying out different methods of consuming can be a fun learning experience, so above all else, users should enjoy each unique experience available to them!