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RETRO: Pulp Fiction

05/07/2017 M. J. Moore 0

By M. J. Moore For Jaime Lubin Before the 1969 publication of The Godfather made his fortune, author Mario Puzo wrote profusely for the so-called “men’s magazines” published by Martin Goodman, who ruled the roost […]

Alfred Hayes

RETRO: Once Upon a Time in Italy

20/04/2017 M. J. Moore 0

By M. J. Moore Disillusion. Confusion. Inexplicable grief. All three leitmotifs dominate All Thy Conquests by London-born Alfred Hayes, who became a naturalized American and whose poems, novels, and screenplays retain their power. Although now out […]

'Getting Off' by Jonathan Reiss
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Excerpt from ‘Getting Off’ by Jonathan Reiss

12/04/2017 Honeysuckle 1

In our second segment of The Magic Behind the Indie Press with Instar Books, author Jonathan Reiss discusses his heart-shattering first novel Getting Off. Instar Books founder Jeanne Thornton describes it as, “about a young aspiring actor who ends […]



01/05/2015 Honeysuckle 0

By Kelly Coody I awoke on a bed of leaves and scattered branches tearing at my flesh through my shirt—itching and burning, scraping my skin raw. The sky was hazy with low-lying fog that obscured […]