On a snowy Saturday afternoon in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, a diverse group of womxn gathered at the Moxy Hotel for an event that would not only celebrate entrepreneurship but also promote wellness and empowerment. Hosted by Solonje Burnett, founder of the cannabis education + wellbeing experience brand Weed Auntie and Kym B, co-founder of TribeTokes, a women-led cannabis vaping brand, the Womxn Empowerment Brunch was a testament to the power of community and collaboration amongst womxn.

Solonje Burnett of Weed Auntie with event attendees (C) Kay Clouds @k.cloudsx

Weed Auntie and TribeTokes collaborate on an exciting wellness and empowerment event for womxn. 

The collaborative event seed was planted after Kym asked Solonje to co-host a brunch at her home in Staten Island to celebrate sisterhood and share more about the upcoming CWCBExpo. For the past 5 years they’ve inspired each other to continue kicking ass and make a positive impact in the cannabis industry, at times even sharing the stage like at GMR Women’s Summit. Solonje asked permission to produce a larger, more accessible event incorporating her partner healing practitioners and Brooklyn partner venue, allowing for more of the community to partake. The brunch was a reflection of their shared commitment to supporting womxn in business and promoting holistic well-being.

Event hosts Solonje Burnett of Weed Auntie and Kym B of Tribe Tokes(C) Kay Clouds @k.cloudsx

“Solonje literally took my vision of having a brunch with 20 people to having this event with 125 of my favorite people in the whole world,” Kym said. 

“The real reason for this event started with Kym’s work with our nourishment sponsors, Christine [Ianuzzi] and Mary [Vaccaro] of the CWCBExpo,” Solonje added, introducing the activation partners. Weed Auntie curated the event structure to honor every womxn entrepreneur’s uniqueness, amplify melanated practitioners and provide a relaxing, sensory atmosphere in which to network.

This Womxn’s Empowerment brunch’s food was Farm-to-table! 

Wen-Jay Ying, Local Roots(C) Kay Clouds @k.cloudsx

The event featured a variety of activations designed to nourish both the body and the soul. Local Roots NYC, founded by Wen-Jay Ying, provided a delicious Lunar New Year spread for the guests, featuring a range of Asian-inspired treats such as fan tuan and purple pickled eggs. All of the locally sourced farm fresh food was amazing, but the pickled eggs stole the show for me. 

What womxn-created cannabis products did the guests get to try?

(C) Kay Clouds @k.cloudsx

There was a variety of infused beverages to choose from to go with the tasty food. TribeTokes shook up CBG espresso martini mocktails while Brelixi served up some THC hot cocoa and CBD iced coffee—a serve. Florist Farms brought the Tune THC natural seltzers—also a huge serve. My favorite flavors were the Sicilian Lemon & Rose and the Blackberry Cardamom. And for dessert, SASS had delicious infused bonbons and chocolates ready for sale.

(C) Kay Clouds @k.cloudsx

These are the brands and wellness activations that inspired guests of the Womxn Empowerment Brunch. 

In addition to the nourishing food and canna-drinks, guests were treated to a variety of restorative activations led by BIPOC healers. In one suite sponsored by East Coast Cannabis Insurance, they could indulge in facials by Deana Mo using Tribe Tokes CBD skincare, providing a rejuvenating experience for the skin. For those seeking a more holistic approach to wellness, there were opportunities to experience ear seeds and sound therapy by AcuVibes, and Reiki by Laura K Chung. These activities  promoted relaxation, reducing stress, and restoring balance to the body and mind.

Deana Mo, Facials(C) Kay Clouds @k.cloudsx
AcuVibes, Sound Therapy(C) Kay Clouds @k.cloudsx

And in the other suite, one of the highlights of the event was the candle making activity led by Sincerely, Bädé founder Symoné Gates, a Black women-led body care company. Guests had the opportunity to create their own Sanctuary of Zen candles, imbuing them with mantras and good intentions. This activity, sponsored by The Travel Agency, not only allowed guests to tap into their creative side but also encouraged them to set positive intentions for themselves whether they’re consuming cannabis, working on a project, or even making a candle. 

The gift bags were sponsored by leading cannabis brands like Miss Grass, Saint Jane, and more!

As a token of appreciation, all guests were given gift bags filled with wellness and cannabis goodies including Daye CBD tampons, Saint Jane serum, Miss Grass pre-roll, ButAcake Delta-8 Chocolate strips, Soft Power Sweets Truffle, Session Goods bowl, and seeds from Purple City Genetics. That’s right, we can become at-home-cultivators; talk about the gift that keeps on giving. 

(C) Kay Clouds @k.cloudsx
(C) Kay Clouds @k.cloudsx

Attendees were also set up at a tables accented with Paige’s Candle Co candles,  Her Highness golden grinders, Burner Babe papers and cones to roll up, and smoke Hudson Cannabis during the event in the hotel's garden area, further enhancing the sense of community and camaraderie among the womxn. Feuerstein Kulick ensured that magic moments were captured in the Whosevent photo booth, while Etain Health provided access to 15 attendees to attend for free through the Weed Auntie Fair Play fund. The fund allows people from communities impacted by cannabis criminalization to attend events like the Womxn Empowerment Brunch for educational and uplifting experiences toward participation in the cannabis space. 

Kally Compton & Jaime Lubin of Honeysuckle(C) Kay Clouds @k.cloudsx

The sponsor support not only helped to make the event a success, but also underscored their commitment to empowering women in the cannabis industry and wellbeing rooted experiences. Honeysuckle was proud to be a media partner for this momentous occasion. As each of the sponsors took the stage to explain their brands, we recognized the strength that each womxn brings to the table in this unique space. 

“It’s the best Saturday ever!” enthused a guest.

The Womxn Empowerment Brunch was more than just a networking event; it was a celebration of womxn entrepreneurship, wellness, and - yes - empowerment. It served as a reminder of the power of community and collaboration among womxn and was a testament to the resilience and strength of womxn in the face of adversity. No matter the challenge, personal or business-wise, these womxn can face it head on with grace. As we navigate the last weeks of winter in New York, events like these remind us of the importance of self-care, community, and empowerment in maintaining a healthy and balanced life.

(C) Kay Clouds @k.cloudsx

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Kally Compton (They/Them/She/Her) is a culture writer, poet, and content creator. Based in New York, they currently write and contribute to various culture, cannabis, and fashion publications. They are the former Editorial and Production Director for The Lexington Line, LIM College's culture and fashion magazine.

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Featured Image: Solonje Burnett of Weed Auntie and Kym B of TribeTokes (C) Kay Clouds @k.cloudsx