Xula is a Black and femme-owned hemp brand that offers clinically-backed botanicals for all periods and cycles. Founded out of Karina Primelles and Mennlay Golokeh Aggrey’s mutual respect and experience with plant medicine, the inspiration for the brand emerged when they recognized the lack of herbal solutions for people with painful periods. Developed with the guidance of expert herbalists and doctors, Xula’s herbal formulas provide comprehensive, full-body womb and cycle support by promoting more easeful periods, Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (PMS), menopause hormonal balance, and overall wellness.

Xula co-founders Mennlay Golokeh Aggrey (far left) and Karina Primelles (far right) with Humble Bloom co-founders Solonje Burnett (center left) and Danniel Swatosh (center right) at the 2022 Femme Sessions event (C) Riley Westgaard @rileywestgaard

Xula: A Women-Owned Hemp and Botanicals Brand for Periods and Cycles

As the Xula team says, their products are “obsessively tested for periods, PMS, and menopause. Rigorously tested by people with wombs, we understand that restoring balance is essential to feeling better day-to-day, physically and mentally. Each of our 100 percent clean, organic and triple-tested formulations do exactly that.”

What Makes Xula's Process With Hemp and Botanicals Different?

The brand’s hemp is organically grown and hand-harvested at Xula’s own woman-led and family-owned farm in Southern Oregon. This farm supplies the full-spectrum, terpene-rich and cannabinoid diverse hemp for their CBD products; the plants are extracted using a cold-wash process with organic whole-grain alcohol that allows for the capture and maintenance of most of their original compounds. A special filtration process then maximizes the occurrence of therapeutic compounds in the plant material such as terpenes, flavonoids, chlorophyll, and polyphenols.

“Our products are made using craft batch methods at a cGMP facility,” the Xula team describes, which enables extensive testing and quality control. “Our botanicals are infused in a manner that helps preserve the heat-sensitive compounds present and yields their whole plant power.”

All Xula botanicals are either 100 percent USDA Certified Organic or certified to be sustainably wildcrafted, and 85 percent of the company’s non-hemp herbs are grown within a 50-mile radius of the farm.

(C) Ada Navarro Aguilera @hadadebarro / Xula 

Xula's Plant Medicine-Inspired Weedsday Playlist: A Salute to Women of Color and Herbal Formulas

For their Weedsday playlist, the Xula team worked together to create a significant musical testimony to their mission and friendship, which features all female artists of color. In their own words: “The inspiration for this playlist came from our connection to music and the way it intersects with plant medicine. All of us at Xula either met or connected through music initially as friends and our work relationships came thereafter. All of this to say that music albeit lowkey within the brandsphere — plays an integral role in our lives. So much so that we’ve created an entire Xula Spotify Page with a playlist for each of our herbal formulas and other correlated moods. Here’s our Xula Spotify page with a playlist for each product and mood with all of the songs mentioned below.”

Freda Payne - "I Get High"

A classic ‘70s soul hit — theatrical and melodic, perfect to light some candles, take herbal tinctures, maybe run a bath, and start a very wholesome smoke sesh. This song is also the original sample to the 2002 “Good Times” by Styles P, an instant classic for Black folks who smoke weed.

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Koffee - "Toast"

An automatic mood-booster, this song is positive while making any cannabis consumption moment an immediate dance sesh too. This record made Jamaican singer Koffee the first female gender-fluid and youngest artist to be awarded a Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album.

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FKA Twigs Featuring Rema - "Jealousy"

Twigs' new mixtape is the pop record I didn't know I needed. Every song has an astrological undertone as inspiration, as said by her own words (on a Rolling Stone interview): “It’s my stubborn caprisun ass telling me to work thru my pain by delivering at work, don’t think just go studio and create … my saggi moon being the enigmatic temptress craving the club … and my pisces venus hot mess disastrous heart falling in love all over again but this time with music and with myself.” “Jealousy” is sexy and moody and perfect to enjoy being high and flirty.

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Isabella Lovestory - "Kitten Heel"

Isabella Lovestory is part of this new wave of emerging reggaeton artists that are revolutionizing Latin America (and the world wide web). Coming from Honduras, Lovestory is not only a musician but an entire concept. Her sexy lyrics empower the divine feminine, and "Kitten Heel" is the perfect song to feel confident, look good, and feel good. What better way to smoke and feel empowered.

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Susana Estrada - “¡gózame Ya!”

This uninhibited Spanish sex symbol, actress and vedette created unconventional art in the ‘70s — during a time where censorship was massive. This song is playful, sexy and legit sex for your ears. Fab for an herbal moment to feel yourself.

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For more about Xula, visit xula.us. To experience the complete Xula Spotify playlist, click here.

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