“More sax!” is a mantra WLSH (Where Love Stops Hate) employs to all of his productions. Born outside of Philadelphia, saxophonist, producer, DJ and vocalist WLSH’s style is a genre-blending meld of jazz, pop, classical, house, and techno.

WLSH (C) Emily Eizen @emilyeizen

Who Is WLSH (Where Love Stops Hate)?

An accomplished musician, WLSH (born Jeffrey Welsh) was the first saxophonist to win the Van Rooy Competition, the nation’s largest undergraduate cash prize competition. He performed the American premier of Takashi Yoshimatsu’s ‘Cyberbird’ Concerto, toured internationally with the New World Symphony, and has recorded for both television and film. Listeners can expect grand productions with soaring, operatic saxophone heavily layered on top of infectious electronic beats. For the past decade, WLSH kept his passion for music alive while practicing law and acting as a thought leader in the legal cannabis and entertainment industries in California.

Of his latest single, “Our Time,” WLSH says, “What are we going to do with our one wild and precious life? “Our Time” explores the gamut of life's opportunities and challenges, and ultimately the balance of what it means simply to exist. We give, we take. We save, we waste. We hurt, we heal. We love, we hate. We sell, we buy. We live, we die. Sonically, my approach here is to deliver something on a celestial scale. The sound of an intergalactic night club, which ebbs and flows between aggression and contemplation. This is Our Time!”

WLSH (C) Emily Eizen @emilyeizen

WLSH's Genre-Blending Weedsday Playlist

For his Weedsday Playlist, WLSH is introducing Honeysuckle readers to his own genre-blending repertoire. He explains, “I produce and perform under the stage name WLSH, an acronym for Where Love Stops Hate. I’ve been playing the saxophone for thirty years, and I wanted to take this opportunity to showcase the music I’ve released this year! You may notice that it’s hard to pinpoint the style/ genre of my music. I tend to get highly inspired by a song I hear, and try to emulate that specific style (with a heavy dose of saxophone, of course).  This year, I’ve explored between pop, house, tropical house, and melodic techno. You can find me on all social channels with the handle @wlsh___ (3 underscores). Much love and thanks for listening. Cheers!”

WLSH - "How Can I?"

“How Can I?” holds a very special place in my heart. It’s an ode to the fear and desperation of potentially losing your love. This all builds to the saxophone wailing in the second drop at 3:27 and the solo at 3:56.

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WLSH - "Welcome Home"

A light house / tropical house ode to my newborn daughter. When she was several months old, I recorded her cooing into my phone and started building a song around it. I wanted the melody to be nostalgic and airy. The melody spins out of a slow saxophone theme. The only vocals on this track are of my daughter, and my wife talking to me while we were giving her one of her first baths. The breakdown might have a familiar childhood melody in it. This is for you Scarlett, Papa loves you forever.

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WLSH Featuring JABZ, Tom Beaupre, Nate Graham, And Drew Palmer - "How Can I?" Remix

This remix is an effort in meaningful collaboration and it’s on fire right now, gaining tremendous traction. I’m so thankful for my dear friends and colleagues who contributed to this unique, Afro-pop remix. First, you’ll hear my college roommate and lifelong friend Nate Graham singing the first verse. His voice just makes me smile. On bass, one of the most sought-after players in the country music scene, and another lifelong friend, Tom Beaupre. Suddenly, a South London based lyricist who specializes in grime and UK Garage, JABZ. JABZ and I connected on social media, and he elevated the remix to a completely different vibe. His lyrics are so perfectly connected to the theme. And last but certainly not least, my dear friend with a massive operatic voice, Drew Palmer, added a powerful and emotional pre-chorus with 8 layers of voice leading into the drop.

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WLSH - "Our Time" Intro

The intro to my latest single was actually the first piece of music I produced in my studio. I had been trying to find a home for it, but as you’ll hear it sounds like the introduction to an intergalactic sci-fi film. I think it’s the perfect prelude to my latest track…and a reminder that our time is feeling.

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WLSH - "Our Time"

“Our Time” is a moody melodic techno monster. This song bounces back and forth between pensive and aggressive. It asks the question: what are you going to do with this one wild and precious life? We give, we take. We save, we waste. We win, we lose. We hurt, we heal. We love, we hate. We sell, we buy. We live, we die.

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For more about WLSH, visit wherelovestopshate.com and follow @wlsh___ on Instagram.

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Featured image: WLSH (C) Emily Eizen @emilyeizen