Kansas native and Oregon cannabis industry veteran Nickia Delaware is the Chief Creative Officer of Tokeativity, the global feminist community for active cannabis culture. As part of the organization’s Womanifesto, Tokeativity members are cannabis consumers and business owners who believe in cannabis normalization, equity and empowerment of a modern consumption culture. Through networking events and programming such as a Psychedelics and Plant Medicine Social, a Pride and Equity interactive digital experience, and Creative Pro workshops, Tokeativity helps the cannabis community create radical, positive change.

The women of Tokeativity (Left to right, starting at the back row): Lesley Dejan, Chief Marketing Officer | Jasmine Perry, Director of Human Services | Heather James, HQ Mama and Director of Legal Services | Cat Caperello-Snyder, Executive Podcast Producer | Lisa Snyder, Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Officer | Samantha Montanaro, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer | Wendy Mintey, Chief Community Liaison | Casey Wiser, Chief Operations Officer | Nickia Delaware, Chief Creative Officer. (not pictured, Mskindness B Ramirez) (C) Harlee Case / Ladies of Paradise and New Constellations

Nickia Delaware: Tokeativity's Chief Creative Officer, Cannabis Creative, And Much More

Nickia Delaware absolutely embodies the concept of social change through creative expression. An artist, model, musician, graphic designer, and digital and marketing strategist, Delaware combines her passions with her dedication to advocacy. In fact, she often counts emotional intelligence and bodily autonomy - as well as cannabis, of course! - among her biggest priorities, and she views seeking joy and pleasure as an act of resistance.

Prior to her role at Tokeativity, Delaware wore many hats for over five years at Portland’s second-oldest dispensary and was highlighted in Dope Magazine’s “Dispensary of the Month” feature in May 2019. These days, you can see her face in campaigns across social media by digital content firms like Ladies of Paradise and more. Her recent modeling work includes projects for Lady Jays and Cresco Cannabis.

Nickia Delaware's Weedsday Picks: "Technicolor Summer Playlist"

Curating playlists is Delaware’s jam! (For real; give her a follow on socials @ripcitybitty or Spotify.) She’s dubbed the following tracks her “Technicolor Summer Playlist.”

“These songs are meant to get you in a good mood,” Nickia Delaware says, “and should feel like sunshine and the best type of shenanigans with your favorite people. I hope you enjoy this lil’ technicolor journey of sound!”

Childish Gambino Featuring 21 Savage, Ink, And Kadhja Bonet - "12.38"

This 2020 track by Childish Gambino sings about going out with a girl who gives him psilocybin, and the trip is described through the musical arrangement. I swear there are two to three different songs in this one soundscape.

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Cut Chemist And Biz Markie - "Moonlightin' With Biz"

The late, great Biz Markie is probably more known for his song “Just a Friend” from the ‘80s, but you NEED to hear his flow on this track that feels like a sunshine daydream.

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Nutritious - "Ket"

I’ve been obsessed with this song “Ket”, out on Liquid Culture Records, about a long and winding ketamine trip. The pumping intro rhythm to this song is reminiscent of the beginning of “Stylo” by Gorillaz, Yasiin Bey (FKA Mos Def), and Bobby Womack, but then Nutritious drops in with the “There is just something about you” that really sends this track. I am in awe of it being six minutes long, yet I still want more.

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Larry June - "Feeling Good Today"

How can you smoke to this song, and NOT feel alive?! Everything about it is a West Coast blazed vibe. Good job, Larry.

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Beard-O-Bees, Wax Future, And Beeswax - "Certified Juice"

All I know is that this song gets me moving. This is a great one to smoke some daytime weed and clean the house… or dance to… or both!

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For more about Tokeativity, visit tokeativity.com. To learn more about Nickia Delaware as a canna creative, visit nickiadelaware.com.

Check out Tokeativity's next event, "Powering Up! Unlocking the Power of Web3 & The Metaverse," happening August 22, 2022. Click here for more information.

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