RYTHM is a premium cannabis brand that prides itself in prioritizing strain specificity and true-to-flower experiences. In fact, RYTHM’s curated playlists encourage music and cannabis enthusiasts alike to pair their favorite songs and artists with the effects often experienced outlined in its strain library.

Nicole Grede, Senior Brand Manager of RYTHM (C) Green Thumb Industries

RHYTHM's Senior Brand Manager Nicole Grede Explains Her Cannabis Strain-Paired Weedsday Playlist

RYTHM Senior Brand Manager Nicole Grede shares how customers can take their listening experiences to the next level when they understand the nuances of each strain. Try it out for yourself by following RYTHM on Spotify.

When asked what inspired her Weedsday selections, Nicole affirmed: “I love working on a brand that embraces the profound relationship between music and cannabis. We believe that one of the best ways to connect with our eclectic community is to help them 'find their RYTHM' and live authentically.  This playlist represents the range of strains and experiences that RYTHM brings to our community.”

Wilkinson Featuring Issey Cross - "Used To This"

This Drum and Bass (DnB) track perfectly complements our award-winning Sour Diesel. The Sativa Dominant strain is a cross between Chemdawg and Super Skunk with often fast-acting, cerebral and uplifting effects. Sour Diesel has the ability to energize without prompting anxious feelings – which is only amplified by the song’s fast tempo and hard-hitting beats. DnB actually began as an offshoot of the United Kingdom rave scene of the early 1990s, around the time when Sour Diesel really took off in the U.S.

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Mastodon - "Blood And Thunder"

Heavy metal fans that crave higher levels of sensory stimulation should opt for White Durban. This Sativa Dominant strain is a heavy-hitter and best enjoyed in small doses. Consumers may feel a euphoric mental energy that offers electrified and creative clarity as we’ve heard in feedback. Our White Durban playlist also features classic songs from legends like Iron Maiden, Metallica, and Black Sabbath, along with modern metal tracks from Spiritbox and Animals As Leaders.

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Amindi, Tessellated And Valleyz - "Pine & Ginger"

Dancehall songs like "Pine & Ginger" have a distinctive, powerful energy that can draw anyone to the dance floor. This genre works best with L’Orange, a Sativa Dominant strain which features bright, fragrant and citrusy flavor notes. This combination is enticing for anyone trying to deepen a mind-body connection and looking to experience a creative and energetic high. Artists including Rihanna, Sean Paul, Major Lazer, Shaggy, and Sugar Minott are all great choices when smoking L’Orange.

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What So Not And Branchez - "High As You Are (Branchez Remix)"

This future bass track has probably been on every summer playlist since 2014 and has withstood the test of time. The song’s woozy beats and fast-paced hi-hats can be further enhanced by our award-winning Brownie Scout strain. A favorite among experienced consumers, Brownie Scout is an Indica Dominant strain that offers an intense, euphoric and often trance-like high felt throughout the body. These effects, paired with artists like M83, Empire of the Sun, Odesza, Jai Wolf, Big Gigantic and Perfume Genius, can be enjoyed at a kickback with friends or at a favorite music festival.

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Gloria Barnes - "Home"

Those in the mood for a low-key high should definitely have soul music playing in the background. Animal Face is a customer favorite that not only helps your mind tune out daily stressors but also may provide a pleasant body high. This earthy Indica Dominant strain blends perfectly with the sweet sounds of soul while you’re trying to unwind after-hours.

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For more about how to #FindYourRYTHM, visit rythm.com.

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