Max Rudsten is Chief Revenue Office at POSIBL, the cannabis farm of the future and engine for several of California’s leading brands. With over 2,000,000 units of packaged product to date, POSIBL is redefining what it means to produce the highest quality cannabis.

Rudsten is responsible for directly influencing the future of POSIBL by leading the larger commercial strategy around contracted brand partnerships and POSIBL’s House of Brands assortment and growth. He covers sales, marketing, supply chain, partnership strategy, out-of-state expansion, and M&A.

Max Rudsten, Chief Revenue Officer of POSIBL (C) Ben Lalande @ben.lalande

Who Is Max Rudsten?

Before leading POSIBL, Rudsten co-founded WOVN (previously Filigreen), a top, tech-enabled distribution business and B2B market network that serviced over 40 brands and 1,000 retailer partners across the state of California. Rudsten also worked within Eventbrite’s largest revenue segment — music and live entertainment — to seed and negotiate successful partnerships, end-to-end, that drove top-line growth for the company.

Back in 2015, Rudsten founded North Pacific Development Management Company, specializing in land acquisition, development, and management for the purpose of medical cannabis cultivation. Under the North Pacific umbrella, Max launched Family Tree, a Hawaiian organic, sungrown, medical cannabis brand with flower cultivated across Northern California. One of Max’s first businesses, Fernet Francisco, a distilled spirits company, was one of the fastest growing amaro companies in the nation — distributed across 10 U.S. states and two international markets — and was eventually acquired by Falcon Spirits. Max holds his Bachelor of Science in Management, Finance from Tulane University in New Orleans and began this string of successes out of college with 7 years at JPMorgan Chase Investment Bank in New York and San Francisco, where he cultivated and managed top-tier investor, strategic partner, and institutional client relationships.


What Makes POSIBL The Cannabis Farm Of The Future?

Today, Rudsten is at home at POSIBL, where state-of-the-art greenhouse technology meets traditional agriculture and expertise that feeds into the next evolution of cannabis farming. POSIBL pairs all these approaches with the best… possible genetics to produce the perfect flower, which is grown in an ethical, sustainable, pesticide-free and cost-efficient way year-round. POSIBL’s Smart Greenhouses use best in class climate control, requiring less water per pound of flower, and are three times more energy efficient than indoor growers. Combining pesticide-free agro-technology and committed human talent, POSIBL comprises a dedicated and gifted team who understand how these cutting-edge systems work to help improve production and value with every harvest. As Rudsten and his colleagues say, “With good will and great work, anything is POSIBL.”


Max Rudsten's Culinary-Inspired Weedsday Playlist

For his Weedsday Playlist, Rudsten chose to share favorite hits inspired by his culinary prowess: “This is the playlist I like to ease into when I’m cooking up an eclectic meal with the homies and wanting to teleport with them to vibrant pockets in far away lands. Most of these songs harness worldly styles and put them on a groove platter that enhances any session with friends. Light up some of your favorite cannabis as a side dish and take this experience to an even deeper intergalactic level. Cannabis to me is just like music. It’s a universal language that brings us all together and propels us to different dimensions. This playlist does just that.”

Jean & Trevor - "Back Together"

Inhale and settle into this rich disco / reggae tapestry, an interwoven fabric sure to put a smile on your face as you watch the trees dance and sway outside.

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Altin Gün - "Kisasa Kisas"

This tune feels like a retro-synth blanket washing over your body as you daydream about what it’s like to fly through the clouds like a soaring egret.

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Zé Manel - “Bardade dentro de Bardade”

When this one comes on the airwaves, it’s as if Afro funk tentacles are tickling your soul as you sip flowing coconut cocktails on a deserted island beach.

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Cesaria Evora - "Bia Lulucha"

Cesaria seduces me into a trance dance as the moon rises in the distance — there’s the scent of bbq’d meat tickling my nostrils as I get the intense urge to jump into a warm body of water.

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Djavan - "Nereci"

This tune must be played as you sling spices into a pot of slow cooked stew as you’re sipping on a chilled skin contact natural wine. Imagine yourself skipping through the tree lined streets of Ipanema on your way to a salty beachfront.

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For more about POSIBL, visit To learn more about POSIBL's Humo, an award-winning, Mexican-American owned and women-led cannabis brand grown in California, visit

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Featured image: Chief Revenue Officer Max Rudsten in one of POSIBL’s Smart Greenhouses where the company’s own brand Humo is grown. Humo is California’s award-winning Mexican American owned and woman-led cannabis brand. A Spanish word for smoke, humo is the unmistakable result of cannabis when it is ignited. (C) POSIBL