Hello Again is a female wellness line that utilizes the powerful cannabinoids of the cannabis plant to tackle the uncomfortable physical symptoms typically associated with the reproductive system and bring harmony back to the V-Force. The company was founded by two friends, Carrie Mapes and Patty Pappas, who saw there were few effective, plant-based, all natural solutions to their menopause related symptoms and refused to merely tolerate their new normal. Formulated with the guidance of experienced medical and cannabis experts, Hello Again’s line of all-natural CBD and THC vaginal suppositories address menopause, sleep, period pain and hangover discomfort. Hello Again aspires to help women of all ages feel like themselves again so they can welcome back their vibrance  and confidence and thrive during whatever life throws their way. Hello Again believes that when women are at their best, there is nothing they can’t do.

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Hello Again: How Did Carrie Mapes And Patty Pappas Start Their Wellness Line For Women?

Carrie Mapes and Patty Pappas had been friendly for two decades before they visited their first dispensary on a whim. Both women were in their 50s, had grown up during the War on Drugs, had just seen their youngest child off to college, and both were restless about the future.

Carrie had already been to a memory clinic, twice, to secretly have her cognitive functions evaluated.  Her family history of dementia haunted her every time she struggled to find a word. Patty hadn’t had a true night’s sleep in 10 years and had become used to feeling tired and anxious. Neither friend had told the other how she was feeling; neither friend had told anyone, really, because this was all just part of menopause and was to be tolerated.

It wasn’t until that trip to a dispensary that either woman had any interest in cannabis. In the hands of a well-informed budtender, Carrie and Patty learned how cannabis works in the body and what physical, cognitive and emotional issues cannabis can address. That list mirrored what they had been experiencing and what they knew their friends were experiencing as women in menopause.

The year was 2018 and at that time there was nothing in the Los Angeles dispensary that appealed to two women in their 50s. More importantly, Carrie and Patty couldn’t find the product they envisioned using: an effective, consistent way to use THC, CBD and other botanicals to relieve their symptoms without providing a psychoactive high. They wanted to feel like themselves again and get on with their busy lives - and knew they could not be the only women who felt this.

Carrie and Patty decided to create the products they desired to use and in doing so, allowed their lives to dramatically change. As their time as hands-on parents came to an end, they became first-time entrepreneurs and dedicated themselves to climbing a steep learning curve every single day.

After a year and a half of R&D, Carrie and Patty launched Hello Again, a brand of cannabis-based vaginal suppositories designed to bring relief without psycho-activity. In the fall of 2022, the duo added Hello Again Period and Hello Again Hangover to the already-popular product suite that included Hello Again Everyday and Hello Again Sleep to create the only line of suppositories for women’s wellness. In doing so, Carrie and Patty have helped to destigmatize the use of cannabis and issues surrounding women’s sexual health.

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Carrie Mapes And Patty Pappas' "May The Force Be In You" Weedsday Playlist

The brilliant minds behind Hello Again have compiled a Weedsday Playlist that focuses on inner strength, resilience, and believing in the power of one's own voice. There is nothing better to remind us all, at any age or stage, to use the force inside.

Shaggy - "Strength Of A Woman"

We firmly believe that the strength of society rests in the strength of its women, and that a society is strongest when women are given support to feel their best.

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Jamie Cullum - "The Age Of Anxiety"

This song is both desperate and uplifting. The stream of consciousness lyrics have the tone of the 2AM voices that keep women up at night.

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Taylor Swift - "I Forgot That You Existed"

We love the message of resilience for women of all ages. We also think the title will give any woman over 50 a chuckle.

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Imagine Dragons - "Bleeding Out"

Bleeding Out is a great song about refusing to remain silent, no matter the cost. We strongly believe that more women need to speak out about their health and wellness challenges. We want to remove the stigma surrounding self advocacy and taking charge of your health.

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Big B and The Dirty Heads - "Hangovers With You"

This singsong throwback to a kindergarten song puts the hangover into perspective. Every once in a while, what’s bad for the body can be good for the soul.

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Hello Again products are currently available in California dispensary retailers and for delivery. For more, visit helloagainproducts.com.

What are your favorite Weedsday tracks? Tell us about them - reach out at @honeysucklemagazine on Instagram and @HoneysuckleMag on Twitter!

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