Dynasty Electrik is the music and sound healing duo of Jenny Deveau and Seth Misterka. Initially formed as an electronic group in Brooklyn, the pair were initiated into a practice of shamanic sound healing in 2012, and subsequently combined this ancient wisdom with their knowledge of music to create a unique style of sound therapy—the Dynasty Electrik Crystal Sound Bath. This experience combines original electronic soundscapes intertwined with the celestial tones of singing bowls, soothing nature sounds, and ethereal vocals, guiding the listener on an inner journey of profound exploration.

Who Are Music And Sound Healers Dynasty Electrik?

As resident sound healers at the renowned Mystic Journey Crystal Gallery in California, Dynasty Electrik had the privilege of collaborating with a number of celebrities and brands, including Usher, Rachel Platton, Marvel Studios, SnapChat, and YouTube. Their exceptional work has garnered recognition and acclaim, making appearances in esteemed publications like Forbes and High Times, as well as captivating audiences through various television shows and films. Dynasty Electrik’s song “Star” was recently featured in the film Most Guys Are Losers, starring Mira Sorvino and Andy Buckley, now streaming on Amazon Prime. Seth and Jenny also created a cover of “Be My Baby” for the film, which includes a song by Pearl Jam as well.

They are also the creators of the YouTube series Gold In Nova Scotia, which chronicles their journey creating Seal Harbour Sanctuary, where people can enjoy the healing powers of nature and sound.

Dynasty Electrik (Jenny Deveau and Seth Misterka) perform a crystal healing sound bath (C) Leah Lau @leahlauart

Dynasty Electrik's New Album Journey to Tranquility

Now, take a trip into the world of Dynasty Electrik with Journey to Tranquility, an album filled with cosmic frequencies, binaural beats, and channeled vocals that leads listeners to a destination of peaceful relaxation and meditation. Soft synths, singing bowls, and atmospheric sounds create an ideal soundtrack for chill time, yoga, work, or study.

The creation of the album mirrored the group’s personal and artistic journey, as they moved from Los Angeles to a remote beach town in Nova Scotia, to establish a sound healing retreat center on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. During the transition, they worked on bringing their work on-line through their YouTube channel, with many of the compositions on the album originally appearing in their videos. Every Friday night they have been performing a live-streaming sound bath for thousands of listeners and their videos have been streamed over a million times on the platform.

Themes of space travel, cosmic bliss, and harmonic brainwave states are woven throughout this collection of songs. Their ethereal sound is a unique fusion of ambient, electronic, and new age classical styles that will appeal to fans of Brian Eno, Deuter, Jon Hopkins, Enya, and more. For more information on where to find Journey to Tranquility, click here.

(C) Dynasty Electrik

What Else Is Dynasty Electrik Up To?

Sound Healing And Plant Medicine

Dynasty Electrik sound baths offer an immersive meditative experience where sound and music are used to clear, balance, and harmonize a person’s energetic fields (body, mind and spirit). The frequencies of singing bowls, gongs and chimes can calm the thoughts and emotions, and thus prevent and heal disease in the physical body. A sound bath can be an incredibly relaxing and restorative experience, as well as an inner journey of awareness, clarity and self-realization. Cannabis and other visionary plants deepens sensory awareness of sound and enhances inner experience.

Seal Harbour Sanctuary, Nova Scotia (C) Dynasty Electrik

Seal Harbour Sanctuary

This is Dynasty Electrik's Nature and Sound Healing Retreat in Nova Scotia. This cozy seaside property is the perfect nature retreat. Experience a limitless ocean view, surrounded by a magical forest, right out of a fairy-tale. With direct access to the beach, you can spend your days swimming and soaking up the sun. You may be lucky enough to spot a few seals in the cove or a bald eagle on the mound. On a clear night, the stargazing is literally out-of-this-world! Click here for bookings.

Life Coaching And More

Jenny is recently certified in the Energy for Life Coaching Program with Sound Healing to unblock stagnant energy and old belief systems, and bring you into a flow state of manifestation. She and Seth also offer Tarot card, Oracle and astrology readings and a wide variety of live and virtual sound healing experiences.

(C) Betsy LeFae @betsylefae

Dynasty Electrik's Sound Healing And Serenity Weedsday Playlist

For their Weedsday Playlist, Seth and Jenny share their own creations to help bring balance and soothing vibrations to the fore. “Our playlist is all about relaxation and finding some serenity and peace of mind in these times,” they say.

Dynasty Electrik - "Lion's Gate Portal Sound Bath"

The Lion’s Gate Portal opens when the Sun is in Leo the Lion, ruler of the heart, and Sirius, the brightest star in the sky rises, illuminating the Earth with cosmic energy. Ancient civilizations believed this was a powerful time of rebirth, abundance, and spiritual enlightenment. This sound bath was recorded on August 8th at our sound healing retreat in Seal Harbour, Nova Scotia.

Dynasty Electrik - "Pleiadian Sound Healing"

We recorded this video outside under the night stars at a high elevation in order to channel the energy of the Pleiadian star system. The Pleiadians are an ancient alien race who can provide channeled wisdom for us Earthlings. They can speak through psychic channeling, literature, art, music, and more.

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Dynasty Electrik - "Journey to Tranquility"

This is our latest album and it is a musical reflection of our own personal journey from California to Canada and from rock to sound healing. There are binaural beats, channeled vocals, crystal singing bowls, nature sounds, and more to cultivate peace and serenity.

Dynasty Electrik - "Chakra Tune-Up With Crystal Singing Bowls"

This video offers a tune-up of the 7 main chakras using crystal singing bowls. Each singing bowl corresponds to an energy center in the body, and by listening to these sounds, these energy centers can be brought into alignment and balance.

Dynasty Electrik - "Star"

This video was recorded in the beautiful seaside town of San Jose del Cabo in Baja California, Mexico. The song was recently featured in the romantic comedy Most Guys are Losers, starring Mira Sorvino and Andy Buckley, which is currently streaming on Amazon.

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For more about Dynasty Electrik, visit dynastyelectrik.com. JOURNEY TO TRANQUILITY is now available everywhere you find music; click here to get it in your favorite format.

What are your favorite Weedsday tracks? Tell us about them - reach out at @honeysucklemagazine on Instagram and @HoneysuckleMag on Twitter!

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Featured image: Dynasty Electrik (Jenny Deveau and Seth Misterka) perform a crystal healing sound bath (C) Leah Lau @leahlauart