Cannabis advocate, glass artist and content creator Coral Kamstra-Brown is proud to bring her passions for hope and change to the forefront in multiple ways. Known to many in the cannabis community as Coral Reefer, her journey with the plant contains various layers, from a wildly successful YouTube channel to developing a borosilicate glassware brand to her signature Stoner Doll line, an adults-only take on the plastic collectibles that cannabis enthusiasts loved as kids.

Who Is Coral Kamstra-Brown?

Previously a waitress and college dropout, Coral became a full-time hemp and cannabis advocate in 2013. She hosted a regular piece in Cannabis Now, bringing attention to hemp and cannabis-centric clothing, and has been featured on panels at cannabis events around the world, sharing advice with cannabis consumers and professionals. When she’s not creating original content, connecting and sharing online, or melting glass, the Californian can be found at home playing with her miniatures and spending time with her husband Mio and their amazing family of six cats and three dogs (follow their journey on Instagram at @reefer.pets). Coral’s mission in life is to help amplify the voices of those in need.

Coral Kamstra-Brown (C) Serena / Trouble In Paradise Photography @troubleinparadisephoto

Coral Kamstra-Brown's Relaxation-And-Romance Weedsday Playlist

For her Weedsday Playlist, Coral chose tracks to evoke all her favorite relaxing and romantic activities: “My playlist is inspired by long soaks in the bath with my bong by my side, weed walks in the forests, and getting baked at concerts with my husband.”

Try some of these tunes as you’re getting in the mood for an elevated Valentine’s Day!

The Expendables - "Bowl for Two"

For a romantic at heart, there is no sweeter song involving cannabis than The Expendables’ “Bowl for Two.” So sweet in fact, I walked down the wedding aisle to this song in 2019! My bouquet hid buds of Kush Cake and Grape Ape, and hidden in the soothing guitar strums of “Bowl for Two” is the vulnerability of a stoner who just wants to be loved.

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Flo Milli - "In the Party"

Flo Milli’s “In the Party” is what I’ll sync up as I turn on my torch and melt glass because it makes me feel like That Girl. I love her fast and fiery words to pump me up and inspire me to get wild creatively. Her confidence is that contagious and as bright as the flame in front of me, and both will definitely burn you if you slip up.

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J.Lately and Cam Meekins - "In My Paper"

Pairing up J.Lately and Cam Meekins is like pairing a perfectly rolled joint and a warm sunset at the beach. “In My Paper” feels like a pastel sky and smoke in my lungs, waves crashing and birds chirping. Enjoy this one with the windows open.

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MisterWives - "SUPERBLOOM"

A friend sent me this song with a note that she thought I would love it, and she was right! MisterWives’ “SUPERBLOOM” is perseverance personified in song, a celebration of survival, smiling in the face of every reason you could be giving up. If you’ve been lucky enough to see “the superbloom phenomenon” in person — you know the ethereal feeling of being surrounded by flowers, but if you haven’t yet had the chance, this song might be the next best thing.

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Mort Garson - "Swingin' Spathiphyllums"

Remember those science fair projects hooking plants up to jazz and rock music and seeing if they dug the tunes? Mort Garson’s 1976 [album] Plantasia takes the question of what do plants want to listen to? And answers it with unique, playful and whimsical tracks. I like to hit play and imagine I’m a cannabis plant, in a little garden of happy plants, vibing out to the groovy beat of "Swingin' Spathiphyllums," stretching my leaves to the light with not a care in the world about rent, the economy, or what’s for dinner. If only we could all be cannabis plants.

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For more about Coral Kamstra-Brown, visit for her writing, for her creations, or follow @coralkamstrabrown and @coralstinyworld on Instagram.

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Featured image: Coral Kamstra-Brown (C) Serena / Trouble In Paradise Photography @troubleinparadisephoto