Cannador, a leading name in cannabis storage solutions, recently announced a momentous double celebration: its 10th anniversary in business and the launch of a limited-edition product collection designed in collaboration with renowned woodworking artist, Chelsea Van Voorhis.

Who Is Woodworking Artist Chelsea Van Voorhis?

Based in New Orleans, Chelsea Van Voorhis is a visual artist and woodworker who uses a traditional medium of wood veneer to create non-traditional pieces with strong social and political commentary surrounding the female experience. By using wood veneer to graphically depict female violence, fear, love, and strength, Van Voorhis is able to achieve an ironic and tacit contrast to her work.

One of the Cannador x Chelsea Van Voorhis limited-edition pieces (C) Cannador

Chelsea Van Voorhis Celebrates Cannador's 10th Anniversary With Collaborative Storage Collection

To commemorate Cannador's 10th anniversary celebration, the brand has launched a limited-edition collection of handcrafted and unique products designed in partnership with Van Voorhis. Each piece is one-of-a-kind showcasing the artist's signature style and expert craftsmanship — offering customers a truly unique and exclusive storage solution. Approximately 60 units of the Cannadors created with Van Voorhis (retailing for $200-250 per piece) became available starting in late April, and will be purchasable only while supplies last.

Cannador founder/CEO Zane Witzel (C) Cannador

How Is Cannador Marking Its 10th Anniversary?

Marking a decade of innovation and growth, Cannador has established itself as a prominent player in the cannabis storage market. Key milestones include expanding distribution across the United States and Europe, developing its exclusive patented VaporBeads™ technologies, and actively contributing to environmental sustainability by planting a tree for every unit sold. Notably, the company also fosters community by offering dedicated discounts to veterans and actively supporting the artistic community.

"Reaching this 10-year milestone is a testament to the dedication of our team and the continued trust of our customers," says Zane Witzel, founder and CEO of Cannador. "This anniversary celebration is not just about looking back, but also about looking forward to the future with exciting new collaborations and a commitment to providing innovative, sustainable, and accessible storage solutions."

Regarding the special collaboration with Van Voorhis, Witzel comments, “As a premium storage brand that focuses on functional design and balanced humidity for the home, we know how important freshness and taste are for your top shelf collection. Cannador’s goal is to maintain your collection’s quality while surrounded by a beautiful sustainably crafted product.”

(C) Cannador

Chelsea Van Voorhis's Cannador Collaboration Weedsday Playlist

For her Weedsday Playlist, Chelsea Van Voorhis drew from National Cannabis Day, as that also helped fuel her Cannador collection. Or was it the other way around? In a musical/artistic chicken-and-egg scenario, she states, "My collaboration with Cannador inspired this 420-inspired playlist."

Tune in while you're stocking your new storage unit!

The Chainsmokers - "High"

I love this song because I can dance to it. When I'm working with veneer, I'm usually bent over doing repetitive movements which can get uncomfortable. Taking little dance breaks is a requirement for me in the shop.

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Lost Frequencies - "The Feeling"

Lost Frequencies is a go-to artist for me. Admittedly, I am not a good dancer, but I still love it! This song just creeps in and the next thing I know I'm dancing.

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David Guetta And Bebe Rexha - "I'm Good (Blue)"

This song makes me laugh. Not only is it a great beat, but the nostalgia of "Blue" brings me back to listening to my boombox in my room in middle school.

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Marshmello And Khalid - "Numb"

I just discovered this song and it's a go-to already. I love how upbeat it is. No matter how loud the machines are in the shop, when this song comes on, I need to turn it up.

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Martin Garrix Featuring Bonn - "High On Life"

This song is just great. I listened to this the other day while cutting two dozen legs on the table saw. I would cut a few, do a little dance, then cut a few more. Everyone loves a woodshop dance break, even if I get weird looks sometimes.

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For more about Cannador, visit To learn more about Chelsea Van Voorhis, follow @chelseavanvoorhis on Instagram.

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