Trulieve, a leading cannabis company that has roots in Florida but is now a multi-state operator (MSO), just released a brand portfolio that seeks to appeal to a diverse consumer base. As the first and largest fully-licensed medical cannabis company in Florida, Trulieve stands out and has successfully established dispensaries in the state as well as in Connecticut, California, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Massachusetts. Its new brands are formulated for both the adult-use market and the medical one.

With their Q2 revenue increasing 78 percent to $215 million from Q1’s $193.8 million earnings, as well as cultivating 2.0 million square feet in Florida in Q1, Trulieve is already an established cannabis giant, but this move should put them on the map for an even wider range of people.

We love Trulieve for their female powerhouse CEO Kim Rivers, who oversaw the establishment of Trulieve’s Florida dispensary network, as well as negotiated the acquisition licenses for other states Trulieve sells in. Ever growing, Trulieve launched this new line on August 5 and opened a new store in Worcester, Massachusetts on August 14.

Today Trulieve reached another milestone as the first MSO to launch a pilot program selling premium-quality cannabis clones in Massachusetts. A limited amount of the company’s Chocolope NewBerry Sativa strain will be available at its Northampton, Massachusetts dispensary (216 North King Street) beginning August 20. Clones will be sold in packs of three and are restricted to one per customer during the initial launch phase. In the near future, Trulieve will expand to different clone strains and offer them in wider distribution throughout its Massachusetts locations.

Kim Rivers said of the new development: “Trulieve supports home-grow initiatives in Massachusetts and we are excited to offer our top-tier genetics to those who would prefer to grow their own cannabis plants at home. We're delivering on our promise to meet cannabis consumers wherever they are in their level of experience, as well as our commitment to expanding access to the plant as we continue to grow in the Massachusetts market."

With all the excitement happening at Trulieve, here’s what’s in store (literally!) for consumers with the debut of their new lines...

Muse: Unlock what is within

The Muse product line is said to awaken creativity, inspiring consumers to “unlock” their imaginations and “color outside the lines.” With the focus on such categories as dabbables, extracts, concentrates (both Shatter and Budder), and naturally-derived botanical vapes in 1g and 5g, this brand will definitely attract those who appreciate the entourage effect and the earthy goodness of the plant. If your wellness goals include a desire to concentrate and reignite your passion, allow Muse to help encourage your imagination.

(C) Trulieve

Momenta: Empower your wellness journey

Featuring capsules, tinctures, and topicals, the Momenta products are meant to target your body’s needs, helping along personal wellness journeys and overall health. With various strains and potencies of tinctures and topicals including muscle rubs and gels, there’s something for everyone, especially those looking to get into smokeless consumption methods and/or interested in cannabis for the advancement of their health and wellness. The effects of tinctures, for instance, have been known to set in quickly and the highs last longer than when you smoke or vape.

(C) Trulieve

Sweet Talk: You Know You Want Some

Sweet Talk’s line is made up of chocolate bars and gummies that come in 20 and 5mg pieces and a variety of flavors to please every edible lover’s palette. The Sweet Talk edibles, like the capsules, tinctures, and topicals in the Momenta line, are great for those looking to get into or expand their cannabis use without smoking or vaping. This alternative to traditional cannabis consumption is beneficial for those who may not want to smoke or vape for their cardiovascular health, or may prefer edibles as they’re known to do a better job with reducing pain and anxiety, improving sleep quality, and relieving nausea.

(C) Trulieve

Cultivar Collection by Trulieve: Crafted for an Elevated Experience

The Cultivar Collection comes in on top as Trulieve’s highest quality cannabis. This one is for the purists, those who like their cannabis in its most natural form. This collection offers 3.5g of whole flower and 1g pre-rolls, and both are derived from unique strains that have been “carefully bred to deliver undeniably rich flavor and potent terpenes,” according to the company’s report. The Cultivar Collection was actually launched earlier than the rest of the product lines, and since October 2020 in Florida, its items have become some of Trulieve’s fastest selling products.


For more information about Trulieve and its brands, visit or follow on Twitter at @trulieve.

Featured image: Products from Trulieve's new Muse line. (C) Trulieve