Travis Barker is a beast when it comes to music, most notably known for being the drummer of iconic rock band Blink-182. Now, he’s making his entry into the cannabis space.

Travis Barker (C) Daniel Rojas @fog.again

What Is Barker Canna Co.? Inside Travis Barker's Vegan Wellness Brand

The California native recently unveiled the launch of this new vegan wellness brand called Barker Canna Co., developed alongside hardware company Jupiter Research. Barker Canna Co.’s offers includes gummies, pre-rolls, live rosin and full-gram rechargeable all-in-one vaporizers in multiple tasty flavors, handpicked from Travis’ favorite strains. 

Juggling a crazy touring schedule and a new baby, Travis knows firsthand how a busy lifestyle can take a toll on your health. Thankfully, his journey with cannabis and exploring different combinations of cannabinoids and supplements has allowed him to nurture his mind, body, and spirit. 

The cruelty-free brand is now available at The Syndicate and select dispensaries throughout California, with plans to expand into more legalized states this year. 

Travis Barker with Barker Canna Co. gummies (C) Barker Canna Co.

Why Did Barker Canna Co. Partner With Jupiter Research?

“Jupiter Research knows vaporization hardware inside and out, and their expertise was invaluable throughout the product development process,” said Ash Patel, Co-Founder of Barker Canna Co. “Together we designed a sleek and easy-to-use device that bridges the gap between quality and affordability.”

Barker Canna Co.'s All-In-One Vape, developed with Jupiter Research (C) Barker Canna Co.

Jupiter Research's Sterling Blake On Travis Barker, Vaporization Hardware, And What Makes Barker Canna Co. Special

Honeysuckle spoke with Sterling Blake, Senior Marketing Manager at Jupiter Research, to discuss the exciting partnership.

SHIRLEY JU: What does it mean to partner with Travis?

STERLING BLAKE: We were thrilled that Barker Canna Co. reached out to Jupiter to form a partnership. They were looking for premium hardware to create an upscale line of cannabis vapes and Travis opted to use CCELL technology. This collaboration bolsters Jupiter’s reputation as an innovative and trusted supplier of inhalation products. 

What's special about the line? 

Barker Canna Co. is a celebrity brand with an authentic origin story. As someone who understands the toll a busy life can take, Travis took a holistic wellness approach designed to combat the stressors of a hectic lifestyle and help people remain energized and creative. 

Anything else we should know about the launch? 

From concept to launch, the collaboration led to the creation of a sleek, user-friendly device that effortlessly bridges the gap between quality and affordability. Jupiter Research knows vaporization hardware inside and out, and their expertise was invaluable throughout the product development process.

Travis Barker with Barker Canna Co, gummies (C) Barker Canna Co.
Travis Barker (C) Daniel Rojas @fog.again

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