You’re probably taken aback by the name of this event, however, it doesn’t even scratch the surface of the experience of the virtual Vagina Marijuanalogues. This event turned a night in into an information-packed and fun-filled night that blew all virtual events out of the water. 

I highly  recommend that everyone support these lovely people who joined this event. Below, you’ll find a compilation of some of the amazing events from the night that will ensure you attend the next one!

Live Art

The magnificently talented Vanessa Summers who goes by Nesstolgia kicked off the night by painting a gorgeous depiction of a woman in monochrome. The perfect DJ KayKay47 accompanied this live art event. 

A great way to help bring exposure to artists is to draw the attention of viewers, keeping them on their toes and having them focused, which is exactly what this segment of the night did. I am not a huge art person myself but watching someone so talented pull together an amazing piece so easily was a masterful experience. 

Lingerie Show

It was not at all what I expected in the best way possible. This was more of a pitch type show that displayed the amazing pieces that Sampson Kouture has to offer.  

Sampson Koture is an NYC-based lingerie company that has pieces for men and women and specializes in all body types to make sure you feel your best, always. They are currently offering a christmas promotion–another reason to you make your purchases this holiday season.


The host Rosemary Severino brought the fire with DJ KayKay47 in between two segments in addition to  an amazing performance from the lovely Chyna Streetz

Mindful Meditation

Mindful meditation is a  perfect way to reset in the night and even learn a new skill for those who are not invested in meditation. Samantha Martins led everyone through a meditation session, reminding beginners that taking it easy is the best way to ease into a new hobby or practice such as meditation. She also took viewers through a perfect short education on meditation and how it works within your body to enhance your life and experiences.

Further Understanding Cannabis

Oleg MaryAces, who works in the education of cannabis with Lock and Key, helped viewers understand consumption of cannabis and how it works within your body. He also debunked an amazing cannabis myth; sativa and indica actually don’t mean what you think. Some are often told that a certain type specializes in help with anxiety or one is better suited for people who want to have fun but these assumptions are not true.

These differences are reductive, they have similar effects and are not necessarily specialize. He also helped CBD users by releasing the fact that we must stop drinking our CBD oils. They are meant to go under the tongue and are absorbed not swallowed. This tip will help you get the most out of your CBD. 

Crafting Time

The lovely, Tamara Anderson led the group through a craft in making a candle with one of her candle making kits. It can be  hard to work with hemp within crafts because people easily make mistakes that ruin the ingredients.

However, with her helpful tips and tricks, making a fun and great smelling candle was easy to do. Tamara is known for the amazing Culinary and Cannabis which helps people understand and learn to incorporate cannabis within their cooking

Cannabis Cultivation

There has been a major increase in gardening and cultivation within society due to the stay-at-home-orders. People know how good it is for your body to ingest fresh produce that has zero pesticides or synthetics within it. 

Dank Dutchess spoke about how important it is to grow your own cannabis and to not always rely on massive corporations. Within the  process of growing your own cannabis, you know what is going into your body–that’s exactly what you want.

Time To Invest

This industry is growing more and more each day to the point that not investing within this industry is probably hurting you. 

Star Melecon brought the night to a more serious side with education on investing within the cannabis industry. She spoke about how to invest in a smart way so your investments can grow and flourish. 

Cannabis Sexuality Panel

The night was now propelled forward by Antuanette Gomez, LaTonia Taylor, Kassia G, Jess Jackson and Sinnamon Love. The ladies spoke about incorporating cannabis into their sexuality and how it empowered them to let go. 

Not only does this help people with their sexuality, but assault survivors have found that this incorporation has helped them greatly.