By Maria Thomas

Power animals or totem animals can come to us in many ways, through dreams, visions and sometimes in everyday life. There are many animals to guide you throughout this life and the meaning is often so fitting for you at the time. Close your eyes and count to 30, open your eyes and see which animal stands out to you. Read the meaning and let it guide you. Below are some of the archetypal animals that may come to you, but there can be many, many more.

Lion Lions are known as the king of the cats although they are not the largest. If you have been drawn to this glorious power animal he may be trying to encourage you to be strong, stand up for yourself of for a family member. They tend to lay around in the sun a lot in a nonchalant way so this totem animal may be guiding you to stop worrying, take time out for yourself and let things come to you. The lion represents many things such as strength, courage, family, cooperation, and community. Lion teaches us to think about our own well-being and encourages us to work in harmony with others, without compromising one’s individuality. A holiday may be overdue.

Elephant Elephant undoubtedly shows you that you need to stay strong. Elephant is also really known for their memory so he may be asking you to connect with or work through something from the past. With the elephant spirit you may be trying to command attention in a situation and this amazing animal can show you how to do this and hold the power without saying a word. You can command the situation simply by being. This gentle giant may come to you at a time when you are seeking a new job, booked in for an interview, standing up to a legal situation or confronting something which will require great power. In the wild these animals will come to you if they want to and not because you have called them so if he is shown to you, take listen and take note.

Leopard This power animal may be showing you to continue with a situation with stealth and grace. Working with this totem will give you the ability to do what needs to be done and disappear when you care to, so that attention is directed elsewhere. This doesn’t mean that you have to be sneaky it may just mean that you should make your move with purpose and slip away into the night while leaving behind your mark. These animals are so well hidden in the African bush so you may even be able to watch a situation from afar and not be rumbled.

Zebra No two zebras stripe patterns are the same, they all have their own unique design. This animal may be trying to show you how to blend into a crowd without losing your individuality. They teach us to connect with a community and also remind us that safety is often better in numbers. Zebras pack a powerful kick when intimidated so this totem animal may remind you to use your force with speech when it comes to standing up for yourself. It may also be asking you to look at a situation in black and white and see it for what it really is, instead of letting your mind trick you into negative thoughts.

Kudu Kudu are highly spiritual and offer guidance whenever we are feeling low or when a block in spiritually is around us. They provide strength and because they are prey to so many of Africa’s greats they offer energy and power to those who feel it may be evading them. The kudu also teaches us that we should be persistent and never give up on our dreams or goals. They represent war as they swing around their horns around very quickly. When this animal is shown to you we may have to be ready for war of some sorts in our lives.  

Hippo Don’t be fooled by this great animals cuddly exterior, they are ferocious and extremely dominant. If you are drawn to this power animal he may be guiding you to be more powerful become more emotionally deep. He also represents creation, imagination, healing, aggression, protection of family, new projects and a new home. The hippo is an incredibly strong mammal that shows you a need for grounding oneself so that you can face negative emotional issues. Spending most of their lives in water this totem is linked to intuitive knowing so try and act upon your intuition without questioning it.

Rhino These animals look like a modern day dinosaur and may be asking you to connect with family history. This animal may be shown to someone who likes to spend a great deal of time alone. Perhaps there is the need to spend more time alone or take some time out from the craziness of the world. The Rhino also shows or suggests self-made success and an achievement coming to you. If you are wondering what your career path should be this may signify a need to be self-employed. It’s time to work toward your goals and knock through any barriers o people who stand in your way.

Crocodile Don’t be put off by this wonderful creature. They are a symbol of resilience, primal connections and protection from manipulation. They also show us how to work through deceit and teach us patience, stealth and focus. The crocodile can spot its prey from miles away. He then submerges himself under the water and pops back up in the exact spot of the prey without so much as a ripple. This animal may be asking you to gather your facts and then make your move. He also symbolises a new opportunity for new knowledge and wisdom.

Flamingo This colourful bird is a symbol of fun and travel. The flamingo asks you to connect more with your emotions. This bird may be shown to you if you have been bottling up emotions or not speaking your mind. Allow yourself to analyse these emotions and create an inner balance. Flamingos breed and thrive better when in the company of others. New ideas or opportunities may be revealed to you if you simply socialise a little more. He may also be reminding you to appreciate those around you a little more. He also ask you to look to your heart to find the right solutions to your problems.

Maria Thomas is a fourth generation UK based-psychic medium. She is also ‘The Other Side’ columnist for Honeysuckle