Anytime you’re invited to go to Long Beach, California, it’s a no-brainer. The weather is amazing, the vibes are immaculate, and there’s something about being near the water that automatically brings a level of calmness and serenity to your day.

Insert THC Design, who recently moved their headquarters from downtown Los Angeles to Long Beach. To celebrate, they hosted an exclusive event at Events on Pine to celebrate the launch of their new strain, Long Beach Haze, while giving back to their new community. The space sits directly below THC Design's new corporate headquarters. 

THC Design staff greeted guests with pre-rolls (C) THC Design
(C) THC Design

THC Design And Long Beach Collective Association's (LBCA) Long Beach Haze Strain Launch Party

In collaboration with the community advocacy/safe cannabis access organization LBCA (Long Beach Collective Association), Long Beach Haze serves as THC Design’s newest drop of their limited edition cultivar. A portion of the proceeds from each unit sold will go directly to LBCA’s efforts of cannabis philanthropy, advocacy, education, safe access, and their initiative for Long Beach Cannabis tourism.

Back in Los Angeles, THC Design was renowned for their intimate infused dinners upstairs in the speakeasy. Now, they welcome guests with that same warm energy, only this time in the beautiful city of Long Beach. The theme of the evening was nautical, for Long Beach Haze… which made perfect sense as guests were greeted by team members in adorable sailor hats.

Once inside, you were greeted with pre-rolls to try, along with a weed bar that contained two of THC Design’s signature strains: Crescendo and Garlic Cocktail. But it was that dank Long Beach Haze that had guests living their best life.

(C) THC Design
(C) THC Design
THC Design Director of Marketing Alexis Bayoud-Johnson parties the night away (C) THC Design

What Is THC Design's Long Beach Haze Cannabis Strain?

Long Beach Haze is a Hybrid cross of Girl Scout Cookies and Cheese Quake, featuring β-Caryophyllene, δ-Limonene and α-Humulene as its dominant terpenes. The sweet, fruity and funky taste contains hints of grape, sweet cherry, mint and lemon. Fast-acting and heavy-hitting are a few adjectives to describe the strain, a suitable choice for sufferers of anxiety, inflammation and lack of appetite.

Alexis Bayoud-Johnson, THC Design’s Director of Marketing, stated, “We are thrilled to join the Long Beach community and give back by partnering with the LBCA on the drop of Long Beach Haze. We look forward to a continued partnership and many future community based events in Long Beach. We appreciate the warm welcome the Long Beach and particularly the Long Beach cannabis community has given us.”

(C) THC Design
(C) THC Design
(C) THC Design
(C) THC Design

What Did Guests Experience And Take Home From THC Design's Long Beach Haze Launch?

Meanwhile, the bar was serving themed drinks such as Long Beach Sunrise, Hazy Margarita and Sea Breeze. If you were hungry, you could help yourself to the taco station outside. DJ Matty Bonime was on the 1s and 2s, playing a mix of hip hop and lofi throughout the night. 

Each guest received a signature THC Design "Tiffany" bag filled with goodies: an eighth of Long Beach Haze, a one-gram THC Design Long Beach Haze pre-roll, a THC Design rolling tray, THC Design ashtray, hemp wick, and THC Design stickers. 

If you wish to try Long Beach Haze, visit!


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