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With your favorite artists, friends and @honeysucklemagazine.

Honeysuckle is on the loose in our milestone 15th print edition. We’ve gone from coast to coast bringing you a landmark chronicle of cultural evolution in real time. On our cover is Mellow Rackz, the rising star of Lil Wayne and Mack Maine’s Young Money label. Hip hop OGs Shiest Bubz and Fab 5 Freddy; legendary cultivator Champelli; and statement artist Alligator Jesus give exclusives like never before. Classic fashion is modern again, as New York Vintage founder Shannon Hoey and the curators of the Museum at FIT’s “50 Years of Hip Hop” reveal. And Richard DeLisi, the nation’s longest-serving nonviolent cannabis prisoner, allows us an unprecedented look at how he’s using his newfound freedom to bring our loved ones home. Chock full of poignant stories, hot visuals, and one-of-a-kind news, this issue is simply irresistible.