Model, designer, photographer, owner of eponymous fashion label, Teale Coco has earned her stripes as the center spread for our HERS issue, and we couldn’t have found a more perfect fit.  Everyone who opens the mag, interminably stops at the her page with a, “Whose this!?” Find out.

Our Chat With Teale

HS: Tell us about Teale Coco.

Teale Coco:  Teale Coco began as a concept for custom-fitting accessories that I could wear under or over clothing. They had such a great response online, so I came up with the idea for manufacturing and selling them during a modeling trip in Japan.

Do the clothing or the brand reflect your own sexuality?

I think it is most definitely an expression of myself. I take my designs as personal projects that represent my creativity in styling and art. I am a very submissive person in my sexuality. In my character, I am more dominantand in control

Your personal instagram is Evil Angel – why did you pick that name?

That is the nickname my mother has given me since I was a child. She used to say I was beautiful like an angel but evil like a devil. All in a playful manner of course.  Hence, EVIL ANGEL was born.

What are the unspoken elements of fetish culture?

I think that it depends on your fetish. Most people just like to feel comfort or restriction.People have described my designs as feeling as though they are being given a hug.

Do you think fetish culture brings us closer to our human nature or animal nature?

I think that it brings it closer to our animalistic roots of desire and pleasure. We should do what feels good and comes naturally.

We understand you create adjustable sizes to cater to all sizes, yet you are beautiful and thin in a model-like way.  How do you reconcile those discrepancies if they ever come up?All my designs were based upon the concept of adjustability because I have seen the fashion industry first-hand through modeling and noticed where it was lacking. I wanted to create something that EVERYONE—regardless of shape or size—could wear COMFORTABLY!That is most important. I like to show my designs on people of all genders and sizes so people can feel comfortable knowing it will fi t their bodies.

HS: What are some of your favorite aspects of femininity?

I think that we need both feminine and masculine characteristics in our personalities to be able to empathize and truly connect with each other. The best part about embracing our femininity is being in touch with creation of life and earth…to truly connect with our emotions and communicate that with empathy and passion.

HS: You tend to post pictures with motivating statements or quotes beneath them; is one of your goals to motivate women?

To inspire and motivate all sexes. I write quotes or I focus on one subject and talk about it in an optimistic, positive away. Everyone has their struggles and we often share the same ones. I hope to inspire people to do their best, live their life and be who they want to be.

HS: What was your favorite time in history in fashion?

I would have to say 90’s fashion. I was born 92’ and a huge influence on myself as a child that continues into my current fashion inspirations.

HS: What is next for Teale Coco—what would be your ultimate goal?

Expanding more into the clothing side and out of; insta: @tealecoco*a version of this article was published in Honeysuckle Magazine’s HERS edition, summer 2017.

Styling, hair & makeup: Teale Coco Photos: Sean Higgins