By Dadly Filius, Induced Munchies

When you think cannabis, it’s usually in a negative light. Some don’t believe it is helping people across the world, or a positive way to connect with friends or business partners. Cannabis, even with its recent rising popularity, is still stigmatized. For some time now the industry has not promoted or highlighted minorities in business. I had an opportunity to sit with two individuals who aim to change that.

Tarik Ali (better known as KoolRik) and Shan are a father and daughter working together to make a space for themselves in the cannabis industry. KoolRik, a 2018 High Times Cannabis Cup judge, is a New Jersey-based cannabis advocate and talks to people about surviving his gunshot wounds and how cannabis helped him through recovery. His testimony as a patient is supported by the fact that many doctors and seasoned professionals are coming out to state the plant’s medical benefits publicly. Through his advocacy and events to raise community awareness, KoolRik has been providing proof that cannabis helps with recovery much better than pain meds or psychoactive drugs.

Shan is the founder of BlushiiBabez, LLC, an ancillary brand out of New Jersey with cannabis-themed apparel and accessories geared toward mostly women. (Her tagline is “Feminize Your High.”) However, the company soon will be launching apparel for men as well. Logon to for more info on how to order your favorite accessory from the online store.

Both KoolRik and Shan are breaking the ice in their own way with their unique brands. With cool merchandise and great testimonials, they make an amazing team. They are very active on social media and engage their community of followers in outstanding events. Stay on the lookout for more from these incredible individuals.