Yosuke Ono has a real surrealist edge with a pop culture twist.  He is a 38 year old artist based in Tokyo, Japan. He started doodling at age 3 and by the time he was 16 he had his first solo art show in his hometown.

I become Forest

You have a very distinctive style, who or what influences or inspires you?All of Japanese pop culture, science, and every genre of music are important inspirations for me. I listen to music all the time I work.

A few of your pieces involve the same female figure with multi-colored hair, who is she and what significance does she hold for you? Girls in my works are always depicted as symbol of innocence.

Memento Mori2

No two pictures are the same despite the overall strong syle of Yosuke's work. His art looks so bright and sumptuous, you almost want to jump into the painting to experience the world he's created.

"I always start new work without any detailed designs. My hope is for a piece to compleate itself beyond my imagination. I sometimes say that artists are parallel to scientists. Scientists have no way of knowing the result of an experiment beforehand. The same can be said about creating art."

Yosuke has a show this month at the Thinkspace Gallery in Culver City, California.


You can see more of Yosuke's work at his website.