The Green Wave is uniting people creating an abundant future for all


How Do We Improve Lives?

“Health is wealth” - the secret to a successful life has always been keeping oneself healthy. Now, more than ever, it’s imperative to recognize how wellness can empower our economic landscape, bolster peace, and support purposeful choices. We call it “Substance,” or growing our education on what will create the most abundant, forward-looking future for all people. 

Plant-based industries are key to bettering our health and wealth, but they’re even stronger when we know how to use them for universal benefits. That’s where knowledge comes in. We’re helping people understand the substance within themselves, how to be as creative and proactive as possible in this dynamic space. 

The Green Wave is generating more jobs across all levels of the supply chain, including new opportunities for freelancers and small businesses. It is encouraging people to learn different skills, adopt habits for better physical and mental health, and share more empathy with their fellow humans from all backgrounds. For the first time in decades, our society is committed to community reinvestment with the aim of generational healing. By embracing matters of substance, we are making ourselves healthy, wealthy, and wise - a lasting vision for a brighter future or society .